How To Create The Ultimate Deep-Engagement #Google+ Account For Your Business [#Infographic]

In addition to knowing your passion position, social media has now become a critical success factor for your business more than ever before!

 Yet you barely keep up with the existing social media sites, the rollout of new programs, platforms, devices, and software, little less try it all.

That's probably why Google+ seems to have been left in the proverbial dust. After being introduced over 3 years ago, it does not seem to experience the hustle and bustle of say Facebook. But that's more or less a rapidly fading illusion. Have you been to G+ lately?

Seeming activity levels aside Google+ is actually very quickly catching up to Facebook, many social media thought leaders are beginning to predict that G+ is slowly becoming the ultimate social media meg platform. So get in on the ground floor!

It has over 400 million users to date, so it isn’t about the people who are hoping on. The problem that we see for average users around the world is that they don’t really understand the seeming complexity, or the extraordinary potential of Google +.


Those who take a few hours to master the G+ basics are experiencing exponential growth in their online branding presence.


This post is designed to do just that: provide you with a step by step overview of how and why to use the basic Google plus tools and features.


Like getting a new iPhone and only using it to make calls, many underestimate all the ways you can use G+ personally, as well as to seriously enhance your practical business marketing reach.


With Google plus, Google has incorporated all the features that you get with sites like Facebook. Using it you can text and post both images and video to your page. Facebook may be starting a slow decline with increasing numbers of people leaving for Google+.


Trying desperately to keep in front of the market, they are scrambling to catch up to the power of Google+ before the average business owner figures out all the powerful social connection tools that it contains.


If you are one of the 400 million plus people who have downloaded and uploaded an account, take the time to see what it has to offer before you decide that it isn’t worth the time.

This post is designed to do just that: provide you with a step by step overview of how and why to use the basic Google plus tools and features.  For example:


 There are features that you can’t find anywhere else and enhancements to your favorite tools that you use elsewhere. Not just a pretty face, or a popular one on the market without a reason, Google is proving that there is a reason why they are a household name.


Holding prominence in search engine history, they are now making history for those looking to catapult their business to greatness.


What are the major features not to be overlooked on Google+?


With so many features that deserve bragging rights, there are three that stand out in the mind of users. They enable people to connect and stay in contact around the globe easier than ever before. The following three features are those that have the biggest impact on your ability to gain exposure and stay in “the know”.


No size limits allowed


Unlike other multi-media portals you are able to upload as much content as you want. There is no limit to the size of the articles that you add to your account. In the past you were forced to shorten your article which could lessen both the effect, or the quality, of the article.


Google+ allows you an endless amount of space to display whatever it is that you want. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing the content to fit it all into a squashed space. A clean slate, literally, it is your canvas to decorate anyway, and as grandiose, as you want.


Time To Unleash the Extraordinary Power of Google+ Hangouts

 Go ahead and do away with the conference room. They’re stuffy anyway. One of the greatest features on the new Google+ is the ability to live chat with up to 10 people at the same time. There are also tools that allow you to post to the group while the video is running live.


You can have one of the most important merger meetings, or plan a bridal shower, all remotely. Keeping in touch with many people at a time is not only good for your personal life, it can do wonders for your virtual office space. Think about the money your business could save if no one had to travel to discuss the important stuff.


Circles and Circling


Just like you want to keep your friends separate, sometimes you may want to create circles for business contact purposes. Being able to make circles of people through dragging and dropping contacts is a great way to include, or exclude people, with ease.


There are always things you want to keep private or let go public. By designating the circles either private or public, you can ensure not to mix the two up.



Branding Strategies


If you are sitting back trying to think back to your days in Marketing 101, brand marketing is a way to make your brand a household name. At least that is the goal and the condensed version. Google+ can accomplish for your company brand what it would have taken years to do in previous decades.


By using the full power of Google+ you are able to create a name brand that will be recognized around the globe with ease. You no longer need an SEO company, or marketing agency, vying to put you to the top of search engine ranking. When you know how to use the tools contained within Google+ you are able to do it all on your own.


The Powerful Account Feature


The best part about Google is that it touches everything, and well everything touches it. You are able to utilize everything that Google+ has to offer, and combine it with the power of Google all in one convenient space.

Integrate your email account with your Google+ account so that all you need can be accessed easily with one touch technology.


You are able to set up accounts that are either personal or professional, but they are all located in the same place. Having all things in your world connected in one spot is an amazing tool. You need not switch from one application to the next continually to find what you are looking for.


It is all categorized and easy to navigate. That is one of the cornerstones of Google+ technology. Starting with your personal profile you are able to extrapolate to your business account. Having the capability to hold up to 50 business pages, there truly is space for everything you need.


Why do we call it the world wide web? Because all things are connected to everything else. Google+ allows you to link your website to your homepage and likewise to your social media accounts. That takes away from the hassle of constantly having to integrate it all yourself. It is all there in front of you to use when you need it, and how you need it.


To drive your ranking higher, use keywords in the bio of your account to create relevance, and to top it all off, make your pages look that much more professional by using a compelling cover photo to represent yourself.


The Local Feature


Since local pages rank higher in search engines, you are able to keep your pages local specific. When people are trying to find your business, they are most concerned about your local reputation, making adding reviews to your local page that much more relevant.


Almost all users are now searching from their smartphone or mobile device. They are able to locate information in an instant that will literally, and physically, drive them to your business. Giving information that people need and want like location, directions and hours of operation is just one of the many advantages.


Living in an instantly gratifying world, if your potential consumer can’t get what they want on your page, they have no problem moving along to your competitor. That is why ease of navigation is so crucial to your bottom line.


With Google+ you can easily increase your ranking to number one when someone does a search for your business. By using keywords and phrases in the “from owner” category, you are able to drive your site higher.


The best feature locally is to upload photographs of your business. We all know that if a customer can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.


The Circles Feature


It is all about who you associate with. With the circle feature you are able to form connections with the w/i G+. You can add anyone to your circle, and likewise, anyone can add you to their circle.


Once you are contained within a “circle” you can post to it, and read from it. Being able to share with part of a group is an important tool for both personal and professional reasons. You can group by business to business, local, or name your own circle.


It is a great way to keep your contacts separate and personal. Since social networking is the name of the game, this feature gives you the tools to build your own networks to take from when you need them.


You don’t have to search to use a network, it is already built and there to use in your account. When you make changes to contacts in your circle, they are seen by everyone. That keeps everyone simultaneously in the loop. A good circle means that you are endorsing someone, or in the reverse, you can make a statement by just removing someone from the circle.


The Posts Feature


When you want to post something to share with the group you are able to make the post either personal or public. Sharing with the group, or the individual, gives you the power to make announcements only to those you want.


For marketing purposes, your public posts are picked up and used to rank your website higher on search engines. You can also use other social media tools like hashtags, or tag connections in your posts, to other references or mediums.


Since social sites are all about networks and linking things together, Google+ provides you the ability to link to video and downloads so that you videos can be played it in the posts that you send out.


Looking high tech has never been easier. It makes your business look big time even if you are small time. There are also no size limitations to the posts that you can create. You needn’t sacrifice quality to fit into arduous parameters.


The sky is the limit, with a limitless page to post whatever you deem important. If you want to make something stand out, or deemphasize something else, you can use font tools to emphasize and get your point across.


The Hangouts Feature


If you want to virtually hang out with anyone, you have a virtual space to do so. You can have a simple video chat with Grandma, or you can chat with up to 10 people at a time. Imagine the potential for your business meetings, or meeting with a client.


Cut down on the expense of having to travel onsite for small problems. You can discuss it on Google+, brainstorm, or work through any kinks all remotely. No other program gives you that type of flexibility.


You may not want to share your screen with everyone, but if you do, you have the capability to do so. Including the ability to share access to all your Google docs, you can keep people constantly updated on those things you want, while disallowing access to the things you don’t.


With live chat features you can have a conversation that can’t be misread through typing. The live chat feed On Air allows you to settle business matters eye to eye, as all professionals should.


If there is a dispute about what is said, or you just need to refer back to the previous conversation, G+ records all Hangouts On Air for later use. The best part? Google+ will email you the feed recording of the conversation to your business or personal email inbox.


If you want to use the feed for anything else, you are able to edit it. Once you have it just perfect you can upload to other arenas such as YouTube. Once there you can flag it as private so that it can’t be viewed by the general public.

The Blogging Feature


A great way to drive traffic to your site is through blog content. Google+ links your blog posts to your account and to all other features of Google+. In doing so, it creates backlinks that are picked up as relevance to search engines.


Putting your personal stamp to connect to other sites, it can increase your search engine ranking. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can use your Google+ page in leu of one. You can build multi-media posts to further your relevance to social media sites.


That translates into increasing your SEO. If your company is more “low-tech” than the average site, you can use Google+ to bridge the gap and compete with other businesses that may be more cutting edge.


You can make posts public which can be seen by potential consumers, or keep them private, the choice is yours. When you include #keywords in the post, they are just as useful as the content that you would have in a high tech blog content.



Leave Value Adding Comments To Create Connection and Deep Engagement Levels


Want your Google+ follower numbers to explode? One of the most powerful brand building strategies on Google+ is to leave comments 200 -300 words long that add to the value of the post you are sharing.
You can often accomplish this through "snackification" of your own relevant content. This unleashes a powerful win-win scenario because you are essential adding value, depth and engagement to someone else's post by summarizing and sharing your own content.

Commenting sends powerful social signals through Google’s algorithms and through prospective followers – your future customers.
It's also the basic engine of a powerful new approach to social media marketing that I call "preemptive social engagement."



 The Social Search Feature


Not only are circles a great feature for your Google+ account, they also affect your social searches. By putting contacts into categories, it makes it easier to search, or select for, different criteria that you need to isolate.


Simply link your website to your G+ account to make searches easier and all encompassing. Add photos in your search too. It is an advanced system that can translate not only text, but images, for search purposes.


The Direct Connect feature allows you to connect directly to your circle contacts. Once you add them to your circle, they are automatically included into your G+ account. If you want to use a search without the influence of your account you are still able.


All you have to do is log out of your account and use the search engine as you normally would. Circles are a great way to strategize for your business processes. It is a way not only to categorize, but to include, or exclude, people or businesses from your search.


Sometimes it is just as relevant to leave people out as it is to include them for your business strategy.


The Dashboard Feature


One of the most advanced feature that G+ offers is the Create Brand Dashboard. Constantly keeping you updated on the things you want to know, you can set your dashboard to alert you when new things are posted.


You can also save searches done so you aren’t wasting time continuing to research for the same criteria. Once you have saved your searches, you can go through them easily based on certain parameters that you set.


Filter them by kind, type or sort them as you want. One of the best ways to customize your information, it gives you the power of information to access immediately when you need it. If you have something that affects your business, or you personally, you can add “Ripples”.


Ripples are a way to identify those things which change and will have an impact on you personally. Watching for trends, or changes over time, it can keep you updated and in the-know on the things that really matter.


A great time saver you are able to bookmark your +1 articles to use at a later date. Nothing is more annoying, or time consuming, than having to search constantly to refer back. Simply add a bookmark and always have it stored on hand.


All of your +1 articles are available through your G+ account so you don’t have to flip back and forth, saving you time and frustration. Keep all your information in the same spot. If you are talking to clients, or need information quickly, you know where it is housed and how to access it.


Like thinking on your feet G+ thinks for you and has it ready when you need it. A continual updater of the things that matter most, you can take stock of not only what is going on in your world, but the influential world at large. Don’t miss out on market trends and changes because you are too focused on your cog in the machine.


Instead of continually having to switch between programs and sites, G+ has all that you need on one page and in front of you. Totally customizable, you set it up the way that it makes sense for you.


The best way to integrate your business and personal life, you can synch those things in your life that matter most. For a chaotic business owner, there is rarely a line that is drawn between the two. Having it all located together is a great way to be on top of your game in all ways.


Use all the tools available on the internet, including those found on social media sites, to continually rank your business higher. For all intents and purposes, if you don’t exist on the first page, you don’t exist at all.



Why you MUST fully exploit Google+ for your Business


Since Google is the leading search engineer, doesn’t it make sense to use the tools that they created? Most often we don’t even know what we need until we have it. Google+ is a perfect example of that.


If you have ever used another social media platform and thought, “You know it would be great if they had…”, it is probably on Google+.


The best minds in the industry have gotten together and created a product that gives you everything you want, including those things you didn’t even know you wanted.


Staying in touch with people is important, as is staying in touch with the world at large. Your business isn’t surviving in a bubble. The more you connect with the world, the more exponential growth you will experience. Being able to link your personal and professional life is something that no one else has perfected until now.


Since you spend so much of your life going between the two, isn’t it great that someone has finally found a way to combine them so you don’t feel so torn. Instead of wasting time flipping through programs, or among them, have everything you need at your fingertips.


Like a personal advisor, a personal branding expert, meeting facilitator and a high tech SEO Company at your service, Google+ gives you all you need to build a serious online brand and to majorly thrive in your industry!

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