This is How You Quickly Grow A Vast Community of Passionate ReTweeters On #Twitter

Do you need thousands of real targeted Twitter followers for your content marketing strategy

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Are you tweeting, RTing and following over and over again and yet chronically follower free?

Did you know that #TwitterMarketing has higher ROI than #FacebookMarketing?

Have you Heard of the ultimate social media strategy for 2015: Preemptive Social Engagement? 

No? Let's use Twitter as a powerful case study for how to dominate all of your most important social media platforms from now on.

The #1 critical success factor that measures follower engagement on Twitter is the number 
and the quality of RT’s you get - period. 

Just ask one of the world's leading Twitter focused social engagement specialists

When your followers RT your Tweets, they build your capacity to Twitter-top-list for your target #words and stay on that top list for longer and longer periods of time.

Twitter-top-listing for your #keywords is kind of like reaching the first page of Google. It lets all of twitter see your content for those #keywords instead of just limiting exposure to your own Twitter stream.

Let’s quickly recap the most effective Twitter strategies in common practice to date.  Then let me help you radically accelerate the effects of these Twitter basics by sharing:

Why you need to Become a Luscious Google-Hummingbird Flower: What you need to know about Twitter success and social media effectiveness generally, post Google hummingbird; and:

How to Radically Accelerate the Number of RTs you Get: by unleashing the incredible power of what I call “Preemptive Social Engagement!”

So let’s start with a quick overview of the Most Powerful Twitter Basics including:



  •  That effective #tag use increases Twitter follower engagement by 200%

  • You also know that including at least 2 #tags in your tweet can increase engagement rates by over 20% while including more than 2 #tags reduces engagement rates by around 17%

  • Adding quality images to your Tweets that are directly and creatively linked to your content increases follower RT rates by over 200%
  • Adding a strong, keyword optimized bio and a high quality image of yourself will increase the RTs you get by around 18%

  • Keeping tweets about 100-120 characters long increases the likelihood of RTs by leaving a space for your RTer to add a comment or link. For strong content 100 characters increases engagement by 17%

  • That simply asking your Followers to "please RT” increases the likelihood that they will at a 12x higher rate and that if you spell out the word "Retweet," the RT rate increases by 23x

  • RTs with shortened urls provided by sites like significantly increase RT rates by creating more space for you to tweet micro-content and for your followers to add comments when they RT it for you

  • Tweets with #keywords towards the front of the post and the shortened url in the middle of the tweet enjoy higher RT rates

  • Make a Twitter-List of high engagement Twitter followers so that you can regularly monitor and RT their content. This list grow fast with effort and Eventually it will become identical with your main Twitter feed!

  • On average you need to have 1-2k followers and over 500 tweets under your belt to be taken seriously.

 Now with the Twitter basics out of the way let’s look at why you absolutely need to:

Become a Luscious Google-Hummingbird Flower:  Epic content is the new stuff of instant legends in social media and organic SEO post Google Hummingbird. Twitter is no exception to this fact.

When your tweets are RTed, favorite and Twitter-top listed for your target #keywords, you’re not just experiencing Twitter success. You’re also accelerating click-throughs to your blog or web site and very likely creating spontaneous Google links and if so, some search engine ranking weight and extended reach for your content.

 Tweet what you love and your followers will too. If you’re literally wowed by a post, a pin, an image or a tweet, then your Twitter followers will be literally wowed when you share it with them.

That’s the kind of content you need to be tweeting with increasing frequency as your Twitter community grows. Make sure titles and images are fresh and luscious too.

And remember it’s not content that’s King anymore, its instant content! Make sure your content is immediately reflective of the hottest trends within your industry or niche.

 Regularly Practice Preemptive Follower Engagement:  Besides luscious instant Content marketing, this is the number #1 most powerful Twitter strategy currently available to you.

I've been experimenting with this on the @P2Pengagement Twitter account and the results have been, well - epic. 

 Increasingly used by the top twitter community managers, preemptive follower engagement is all about quickly building a deep and lasting emotional connection with people one conversation at a time.

This means engaging them immediately when they start following you. It also means thanking them for their follow or follow back right when they first connect with you.

Social media is truly becoming social. It’s all about person 2 person conversations. Robotically posting the same piece of content across a social media footprint of platforms will leave you in the dust of those practicing preemptive social engagement  

You need to actively engage your followers and fans in real time to succeed on Twitter.

One of the most important factors in preemptive follower engagement is incentivizing the formation of your followers’ immediate and ongoing connection with you and your brand.

And I don’t mean through expensive and time consuming contests or product giveaways  either. 

You can get incredible preemptive engagement results for free by simply:

Micro- Marketing Content For Your Followers:  In effective preemptive follower engagement, it’s critical that you not miss your connection opportunity.

 Your optimal connection window on Twitter is in the first 1-3 seconds from the point of follow or when a seasoned follower RTs your tweet. Your goal with each new follower is to quickly inspire a lasting and positive first impression while building a strong positive awareness of your brand.

You can create immediate benefit for your new follower by tweeting or RTing a link to their best content with a #keyword optimized positive appraisal statement, call to action or personal endorsement on their behalf.

Mirco-marketing your followers’ content is a great preemptive engagement strategy for both new and existing followers.  

What’s key here is content marketing for your followers with same passion and intensity you do for your own content.

It also means actually taking a minute or so to really check out what they're sharing and even leaving a value adding (for them) comment under their blog post, image or video post.

If this truly a precision targeted follower for your brand or niche, you’re going to genuinely connect with their content-message just like they do with yours. That’s the kind of active social engagement that’s highly contagious - also known as viral.

Retweet 2 For 1s:  I’ve been experimenting with this one for some Time on the @P2PEngagement account via Twitter and it’s getting serious results. 

The idea here is to provide 2 quality RTs [as discussed earlier] for every 1 quality RT your follower gives you. And RTs are a precious gift.

Again, the emphasis here is the immediate incentivization of your followers’ emotional connection to your brand  in that critical 1-3 second positive reinforcement window of freshly following you, retweeting you or engaging with you in the moment.

This rapid incentivization process is a core best practice used in the most effective gamification initiatives currently underway in the world’s leading organizations’ branding, marketing and loyalty strategies.

The immediate reinforcement of your followers’ value generating social media behavior also opens up a whole new way of awarding Kreds from and similar sites. 

The secret as you may have already figured out is to award Kreds in real time with in that 3 second positive reinforcement window. At the very least use Kreds to power-reinforce a preemptive engagement connection that you have already forged with your each of your high-engagement followers. 

I've seen at least one Twitter account that has built a massive targeted following just by strategically awarding Kreds in this way and many others that augment their Twitter engagement strategies live with Kred awards.

And besides, Kred is one of the most powerful publicly accessible and totally free objective Twitter engagement metrics around.

  Engage Thought Leaders Regularly: Tweeting with famous personalities and industry leaders is a very popular reason many folks join Twitter. But few have mastered how to do it.

The benefit of effectively engaging top Twitter influencers is that it has an extraordinary positive impact on your own reach and influence.

I've connected with many industry thought leaders, CEO’s, relationship experts and bestselling authors in the social media and corporate consulting world on Twitter, for myself and on behalf of my clients. 

I have often experienced a major spike in both new followers and page views to my blog or my client’s websites as a result.

 Thought leader exchanges can also be incredible sources of inspiration for your ongoing content creation efforts and often translates directly into actionable social media and business strategy.

What’s the real secret to engaging thought leaders you ask knowingly? You guessed it! Preemptive-Engagement.  Here’s how to do it.

  • Set up a Twitter list of the thought leaders you plan to preemptively engage and monitor their Twitter activity.

  • It’s obviously best if you address your Tweets to top Influencers when they're actually online and tweeting.

  • Periodically monitor their feed for more than 1 @ symbol in their tweets to know when they are actually engaging followers rather than automating posting their tweets.

  • It’s important to ask your thought leader short open ended questions that are directly relevant to their immediate content marketing or branding efforts.

You’d be surprise how many thought leaders are actually at the Twitter helm or closely monitoring it and how many will actually respond when you Tweet to them in the right way and at the right time!

 Don’t Be A Twitter Narcissist: Twitter is not a personal billboard. To many twitter accounts are simply tweeting out adds about themselves and their products and services. Bill-boarding on Twitter is one of the biggest reasons accounts get un-followed.

When you have thousands of highly active precision targeted Twitter followers it’s so tempting to over Tweet your latest blog post. 

There’s certainly a short term payoff in the form of hundreds or even thousands more page reads per day as a result. But you're gaining views and loosing followers.

What’s worse, your account could be suspended if it’s reported for spam. People on Twitter can’t stand it when they try to Tweet their fresh high quality content at peak tweeting times, only to find that the Twitter list for their #keywords is bill-boarded by the same spam-artist every 3 or 4 seconds.

 Follow, Follow, Follow:  Unless you’re a movie, sports or any other kind of superstar, you’re not going to quickly build a vast community of passionate retweeters without strategically following around 2-5% of your total current number of followers every 2-3 days.

Since Twitter recently banned any form of automation for the following process, this can mean literally hours of work per day, especially if you have more than 10k followers.

It’s also critical to constantly be removing spam, inactive and fake follower accounts from your Twitter feed. 

You need to stay lean and agile on Twitter to maximize engagement metrics and your total social media reach.

There are some very powerful free Twitter tools out there for managing the un-following process. A great place to start is: Managefliter  . They have a great free service that allows you to quickly and effectively remove accounts that are still not following you back after a few days. You need to make sure that each account you follow is following you back in return to maximize the exposure and engagement levels. 

 Never, Ever Buy Fake Followers: You've probably noticed that there’s a major craze going on right now to buy fake Twitter followers. As your social media coach it’s my duty to inform you that this not a smart decision. This is not just about the quality of your Twitter followers.

In my view, social media accounts loaded with fake followers, fans, likes and views will soon go the way of the poorly spun automated back link and bot driven web content when they were eradicated by the Google panda and penguin algorithm changes back in 2011.

Just look at the impact YouTube’s move to engagement metrics a few months back has had on the fake views market!

I have so often been stunned to find how many seemingly amazing Twitter accounts where really fake-follower based. 

The next time you're suspicious that one of your prospective target Twitter accounts may be fake-based or if you want to see if your own account has any fake followers to remove check out. Status People offers a fake follower scan and it's completely free. 

In my, view this is the kind of program that Google will use to eradicate fake followers, only using it's artifical intelligence super computer:

Ok, so that you've got a strong grasp of the how to do preemptive social engagement on Twitter, all you need now is a simple yet powerful strategic following strategy - the basis of my latest and very popular TwitterTips post:


How to Get 10,000 Real Niche-Targeted Twitter Followers in 6 Months or Less!

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Note: Sources for this post come from my own experience as a high engagement Twitter consultant, community manager and content creator. The quantitative facts and figures I quoted at the beginning of this post can all be found on our amazing new Twitter Engagement Strategies Board on Pinterest. Please feel free to add to it! 



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