This is Why #YouTube Video Marketing MUST Be Your Core #ContentMarketing Strategy in 2015!

If you are selling anything online: you need to make YouTube a core part of your promotional strategy. 

This is true if you are a selling software, apps products, services or expertise. 

According to YouTube's own statistics the website attracts over 1 billion unique users every single month. 

The popularity of the site means that now more than one million businesses advertise using the platform. 

However, if you market on YouTube the right way you won't need to pay for views or to generate backlinks and traffic to your website. 

Read on and find out how you can develop your own YouTube content marketing strategy for 2015.

Why You Need To Be Marketing On YouTube

As noted in the introduction YouTube gets a huge amount of visitors each month. That's a massive audience that you can get in front of. But YouTube's own internal audience isn't the only reason why you should be marketing on the site! 

YouTube videos are typically easier to rank in Google's search results than blog posts or articles. Google likes to display a diversity of different results on its search engine. 

It is so much easier to get to Google page 1 for highly competitive keywords than to compete with a blog post or article. You can even outperform an article or blog post from a high authority website or blog!

While there might be thousands or even tens of thousands of competing articles or blog posts for a particular search term, there may only be be a handful of videos. If you have properly optimised your video then ranking in the search results, even for highly competitive words, isn't difficult.

Another reason why ranking videos is so effective compared to ranking articles and blogs is because they stand out. You will probably have noticed that when a video appears in the search engine results there is a thumbnail image next to it. 

This gives it a distinct advantage against the text based links that surround it. It immediately stands out and draws the eye to that particular result. This is why video links are much more likely to get clicked on compared to text ones. 

Even if you don't have the top search engine ranking you will still get more views with a YouTube video.

Getting Traffic To Your Website Using YouTube

YouTube is a great way to generate traffic to your website. Under each YouTube video that you create you can include a direct link to a page on your website. People who watch a video will often click through on this link to find out more information. 

In order to properly optimise this link you should place it on the first line of the description. Only the first few lines of a YouTube video can be seen without clicking on the "show more" button. 

Also when creating the link you should use http:// to start it and not www. If you used www the link will not be clickable which will limit the amount of people that click through.

Powerful Google Friendly Back Linking Using YouTube (A Little Know But Powerful SEO Secret!).

YouTube can be used in another way is to gain backlinks for your website. As mentioned above there are back links that go directly from your video description to your website. But, this is not the only way that you can back link using YouTube. 

Another powerful but little-known way of gaining back links is to comment on other peoples videos. Each comment that you make links back to your video from your avatar. By commenting on relevant videos in your niche you can generate more visitors to your own videos and gain link juice.

And of course there are some pretty fast, easy and totally free keyword research tools and strategies for YouTube, that you can use to really propel your content in otherwise competitive niches! Check out: 

How to Radically Increase Your #YouTube Video Views & Engagement With Fast and Easy #Keyword Research!

These are not the only benefit of using YouTube for your marketing. Here are some of the other key benefits you will gain if you make YouTube videos a core part of your content marketing strategy:

Establish Expertise

YouTube is a great way of demonstrating your expertise in a particular subject matter. Establishing expertise is very important when it comes to marketing a product or service. 

Why is Dr Phil able to charge hundreds of times more for the same advice than a normal psychologist even though he is not even a member of the American Psychological Association? 

The reason is because people watch him on television and perceive him as being an expert. Using video you can create that same perception of expertise and charge premium prices for your products and services.

Multichannel Marketing

We all like to consume information in different ways. Some of us prefer to read blog posts, but many if not most, would rather consume their content through video. 

If you only have written content then you will only be reaching a small portion of your market. By having different distribution channels for your content, including Google owned YouTube, you can reach the widest possible audience.

Stand Out From Your Competition

While video is a highly effective strategy for promoting your business, many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and marketers are not yet taking full advantage of this medium. 

Part of the reason is that people are often shy about presenting themselves on video or don't fully understand the benefits of doing so. 

If you create videos you will stand out from the competition and in many industries will be able to dominate your niche. This particularly true is you understand the number 1 reason why social media and content marketing campaigns fail!

Video Is Highly Shareable (Especially on Twitter!)

YouTube makes it very easy for people to share your videos. Under each video is the option to share your video on popular social media websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest and LinkedIn - Instantly!! 

The synergy between YouTube, Twitter and Your Blog can be extraordinary in terms of generating tones of real time traffic!

There are also embed HTML codes which allow people to insert the videos onto their website. And there is an email code which allows people to place the videos in their emails. This makes YouTube video content much easier to go viral that other content mediums.

YouTube Videos Are Mobile Friendly

It's no secret that people are increasingly using mobile phones to access the Internet. In fact it is estimated that approximately half of people now use their mobile phone as the main or only way that they interact with the Internet. 

According to YouTube statistics mobile makes up almost 40% of global watch time. By posting videos on YouTube you can ensure that you are taking full advantage of the trend towards mobile.


In 2014 YouTube video marketing needs to be at the core of your strategy. Videos are already an immensely popular way of consuming content and it is only can become more popular in the future. 

Despite the popularity of YouTube there are still many niches which are relatively uncompetitive and can be easily dominated if you create good quality content. Videos are much easier to rank in the Google search engines and are also more likely to be clicked on. 

Creating YouTube videos combined with a commenting strategy is also an excellent way of gaining back links. Make 2015 the year that you take full advantage of your YouTube content marketing strategy!

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