How to Really Transform Your Company Culture!! [#Infographic]

9 Tips and Tools to Bring Out Your Inner Change Agent!

Are you one of the many managers and HR professionals swimming against the swelling tide  of the 70% employees disengagement rate?

Well, it turns out that changing your company's culture with a strong burst of tighly focused changed from the middle management level may be a critical success factor! 

That means teaching and learning the change management basics. It also means leveraging some powerful virtual tools for effectively:

  • Measuring and implementing the key action-learning steps towards your core culture change goals,
  • Performance coaching your employees,
  • Recognizing and reinforcing the most high value work behaviors,
  • Rinsing and Repeating in an iterative organizational learning cycle. 

Why change your culture? Companies that effectively communicate and manage the organizational change process are 350% more likely to outperform their competitors.

Here are 3 great online tools you can start using right now to begin measuring and changing your organizational or team culture:

  • Start building a high performance work culture right now with CultureIQ. They provide Powerful metrics made simple with a user-friendly dashboard. You get meaningful and actionable analytics to help you identify and change key organizational pain points.

  • You've got to see 15Five! They provide a Web-based platform that directly targets employee manager communication  process "to align goals and uncover obstacles and opportunities that are often missed."  

  •   Time to Gamify with Bunchball: Once you've identified the key performance goals for your organizational learning and culture change process, it's time to contact Bunchball.

Bunchball's incredible Nitro platform allows you to measure and positively reinforce employee performance, learning and change goals as movement towards them unfolds in real time.

Bunchball's highly customizable gamification platform is proving an award winning industry leader again and again. They're constantly sparking previously unimagined performance gains and even complete company transformations in organizations as divers as: tech, digital marketing and call centers! Take a look:

Here are 6 thought provoking change management tips via this great infographic I found on TheUnderCoverRecuriter.Com



Top image courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

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