Top 21 Free Social Media Graphics Creation Tools!!


  •  Social Media Posts with Great images   experience...120-180%,Higher Engagement Rates
  • Tweets That have images get 18% more clicks-throughs, 89% greater favorites & 150% greater re-tweets. (Source)


Visual images in your social media posts have a strong impact on people. They may be the single most important organic SEO strategy at your disposal! Consider these facts:


  •  People remember 80% of what they see
  • People remember only 20% of what they read
  •  65% of people are visual learners
  • 90% of all information people process is visual

 The amount of content on the internet is huge. Consider that every minute:


  • 3,472 images are pinned on Pinterest
  •  2,460,000 pieces of content are shared on Facebook
  •  277,000 tweets are sent


Visual tools help you craft beautiful images that market your products and services.

You might believe that high-quality visual tools are simply out of your budget. Wrong!  


 In this list we share 21 Free Tools you can use to create great images to better digitally market your business.

Let's Start With the Top 10 Free Visual Content Creation Tools!

1. PowToon- Want a professional looking animated explainer video but don’t have thousands of dollars to pay for it? Would you love an attention-getting animated presentation but lack the technical skill? 

How about putting Powerpoint to shame with the ultimate animated business slide show? PowToon is for you.  It is very user-friendly and allows the novice to create…

  • Product or Service Overviews
  • Presentations of all kinds
  • Instructional Videos

Research demonstrates that videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%.  As the point of visual marketing is to increase sales, it makes sense to make video a priority.

2. Canva- Canva specializes in graphic design. It offers templates, most of which are free, to create the following:

  • Banners
  • Poster
  • Infographics
  • Website Buttons
  • Social Media Headers and Backgrounds

Canva also has a database that contains over 1 million images that you can use for business.  Like Logo Type Maker, there are free and low-cost options. 

3.  Piktochart- Some business are in data-heavy fields.  Paragraphs with a lot of percentages are likely to be forgotten.  Piktochart makes designing an infographic easy.  You simply select a theme and template and the plug in your data and text. 

4. Here is another tool to create stunning infographics.  Infogr. am allows you to use its templates or create your own. 

Whether you use Piktochart or, infographics deliver great benefits. 

         Infographics are…


  • 30x more likely to be read than text-only content
  • 3x more likely to get Liked and Shared than plain content
  • Generate more traffic than text blog posts

5. Awesome Screenshot- This tool allows you to add graphics right to a screenshot.  Imagine how much more effective your screenshot is with an arrow pointing to what you want to emphasize! You’ve got to see this one!

6. Logo Type Maker- A business uses a logo to associate its brand with a particular image.  You can go to Logo Type Maker and pick out one for free.  

As with many sites, there is also a paid option.  If you select ‘Customizable,’ the cost may likely be less than hiring a freelance graphic artist.


7.PicMonkey- Do you need to simply edit a photo? At PicMonkey, you just need to upload and…


· Add text

· Select a frame

· Adjust the background

You then have a great image that you can use on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

8. QuotesCover-  A quote can summarize a point you want to make.  QuotesCover is a tool that allows you to add famous statements to your social media profile or e-cards.  A strong feature of QuotesCover is its attractive fonts. A font needs to be:


  • Attention-getting
  • Easy-to-read

9. Quozio- This tool is another one that helps you incorporate quotes in to your social media.  You just type of quote, select a background, and post.  It is that straightforward.

10. Fotor- Fotor is a free app that allows you to do the


· Create a card- Good manners never go out of style. Imagine the great impression you leave when you send a customized thank you card to a client.

· Build a collage- Fotor enables you to make collages.  If you’re an orthodontist who wants to show pictures of lots of kids with beautiful smiles, this app meets that need.

· Photo editing- you can add frames and quickly adjust your photos.

11. PicCollage- Want to use your phone to create a collage of happy customers?  Then PicCollage is for you. This tool works on Apple and Android devices.   


12. LiveLuvCreate- Do you have great photos on your home computer or on your Facebook profile? 

You can use LiveLuvCreate to craft them into great images for your social media accounts.  This tool offers borders, effects, and the ability to overlay text.

13. Pixlr- Pixlr is an online tool that is available for Apple or Android devices.  It has 3 modules:


    Pixlr Express allows you to make basic edits to an image:

  • You can select an image that shows you or your customers, products or service.   
  • You then use Pixlr Express to add text to the image and post it to social media.   
  • Pixlr-O-Matic offers solid photo editing tools such as borders.

 Pixlr Editor is for people who want to create new images or who have become comfortable using more advanced editing tools.


14. GIMP- GIMP is a free, computer based (Windows and Mac OS X) photo editor.  You can manage all your basic photo-editing needs (cropping, resizing, retouching) from a business computer.

15. Unsplash- Sometimes we don’t have images at our disposal.  For instance, some business such as therapist’s or doctor’s offices can’t use patients’ images because of confidentiality.  Yet, these offices want to convey the caring nature of their services with a picture.  Unsplash comes in here very nicely.


Unsplash offers free images that are not copyrighted.  This fact means that you can use them for your business purposes -royalty free.

16.  New Old Stock- Similar to Unsplash, New Old Stock offers images that have no known copyright restrictions on them.  Its vintage photos distinguish it from Unsplash. 

 If you’re trying to create a unique image from a time past, this free service might have what you need.

Note: 43% of social media users share pictures. Make sure you put one of these service to work for you.

17. Adobe Color CC- It is important to incorporate color into your brand. Adobe Color is free to down load and use with other Adobe products. 

This touch app allows to choose from existing color palettes or create new ones from your phone.  When you want to use color but are unsure which ones to use, employ this simple guide:

  •   Red- Excitement
  •    Black- Luxury
  •   Green- Healing
  •   Blue- Trust
  •   Purple- Creativity


Research shows that 60% of the acceptance or rejection of a brand is due to the color impression.  Think carefully about the image you create for prospective customers.

18. Placeit- If you run an online business and want images that convey how easy it is to order from you, Placeit helps you.  

Placeit is an app that offers photos of people using different devices in varied setting (i.e. an office, on the beach).  It even offers ‘freebies’ delivered to your Dropbox.

For example, this app allows you to add your company logo and images into the blank screen of an Iphone or laptop.

Note:  Like other services, Placeit has paid features too.  Make sure if you’re on a tight budget to use the free images first.


These tools are great for leveraging your Pinterest account for business!


19. Pinwords- With its growing popularity, no list of visual tools is complete without mentioning those ones related to Pinterest.  The first is Pinwords.  You can add text to an image with this tool.

20. Pinstamatic- Here is another simple, Pinterest-focused tool.  You can create images and use text with different backgrounds (for instance, a sticky note background). 

Bonus Link for your Brick and Mortar Business:

21. Business Card Land- Have you ever ordered business cards from an office supply store and felt like you didn’t get much value for your money?  Business Card Land exists for this reason.  It offers editable templates so you can create and print your own business cards.

Visuals Showcase Your Talents

If you have a website, research shows prospects spend less than 15 seconds reading the content.   

Eye-catching pictures and images are a must to convert viewers to customers.   

Make sure you create content that both showcases your talents and addresses the needs of potential customers.  You can identify topics from various sources:

  • Keyword Research
  •  Popular Blogs In Your Niche
  • Your Own Research

All of this information shows that we live in a visual world.  These new apps and computer-based tools allow you, a small business owner access tools that once belonged only to large corporations with graphic arts departments.  

Be sure to use these tools to get the most out of your digital marketing and social selling efforts!


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