The Top 10 Google+ Social Selling Tips for 2015!!

With nearly 200 million active users online and around 50% logging in to Google+ on a daily basis, Google+ is rapidly becoming a huge social network that you simply won’t be able to ignore. 

It may not be as popularas Facebook just yet or as powerful as Twitter for driving huge volumes of real time targeted blog traffic, but it can substantially impact your SEO rankings positively.

The simplest things you can leverage from this social network is Relationship Marketing and huge targeted business blog or website traffic. 

Relationship Marketing can be done through Google Hangouts where you can connect with your audiences, and Driving Traffic becomes much easier with Google+ by simply building your profile and sharing news and content regarding your business.

While these terms define all the benefits in much broader terms, they are merely the basics. 

You can expand the idea a great deal since the social network has quite a lot to offer, and the versatile options can really compensate for any business’s marketing needs.

Using Google+ For Effective Digital Marketing

Google+ has more than 2.2 billion user profiles all over the world, out of these, nearly 200 million are active. 

Almost 50% of all Google+ users sign in on a daily basis, and the network has a growth rate of over 33% each year. 

You can see why the network is deemed best for driving traffic; all Gmail users have a Google+ account, and there is certainly no dearth of people using Gmail as their primary email. 

Such statistics only reiterate the fact that Google+ can effectively be the best thing that has happened to your business growth in a very long time.

Branding your business on Google+ allows customers from all over the world to find you on any and all Google platforms. 

Your business becomes accessible for clients through simple searches since the Google network is pretty much everywhere. 

There are numerous ways of sharing content; you can post to your own Google+ profile, you can post to the Google communities and you can send emails to your circles. 

But this doesn't mean a giant revenue boost just yet; the key to making your business work for customers online is utilizing all the apps this extensive social network has to offer in the most productive way.

Utilizing the Google+ Apps:

You can turn your posts into a WEB BANNER AD to make them interactive.

1. This results in up to 50% higher engagement than your normal ads.

2. The ads on Google make up for 64.6% of all clicks.

You can post your content to Google+ Circles to increase traffic.

1.  This will help you drive traffic towards your posts to increase engagement even further.

  The +1 Content

1. The +1 button on Google+ that you come across on many websites receives almost 5 billion hits every day!

2. This allows people from your audience to recommend your posts or site.

3. It increases the Click-Through Rate.

4. The topmost Google results get 36.4% of all these clicks.

5. This function also allows sharing and commenting from networks outside Google, like Pinterest.

 Google Hangouts

1. The Google Hangouts are an essential tool; this service allows group video conferencing and chats of up to ten people in total.

2.You can very easily host webinars through Google Hangouts to generate excitement among your audiences and getting back good leads.

 YouTube Integration

1. YouTube has successfully become the second largest search engine.

2. The network experiences almost 6 billion hours of videos watched on a monthly basis.

    Google Drive  

1. This tool lets you share your information with your entire Google+ audience.

2. There are over 120 million users on Google Drive currently that are a valuable resource for business networks to target.

 Google+ Embedded Posts

1. These embedded posts let you share your content posted on Google on your blogs.

2. It helps in substantially extending the life of your content.

  Powerful SEO Benefits

1. Google owns about 65-75 of the entire search engine market shares and serves more than 25% of all the internet traffic in North America.

2. 18% of all the organic clicks go to the first result that appears, 10% goes to the second and 7% goes to the third.

3. 75% of all users never scroll past the first page, which means the best thing for your business is to be at the first page.

4 Tips to Visitor Interaction on Google+

When you look at a substantial amount of data from over 800,000 posts on Google+, you can find some great tidbits for strategizing your content for this network and increase engagement and interaction.

· Photos lead on comments, re-shares, +1s, and they account for 57% of all the posts on Google+

· The second most common type; Links are the LEAST engaging option for a post and are considered a pitfall.

Text-Only posts work very poorly for re-shares, but they do quite well with comments and +1s.

Posts that are more than a 100 characters long do better than shorter ones on all metrics. 

Think of your self as a blog co-owner when you leaving a comment on someone else's post. Add value to someone's post and they are very likely to add value to your post. 

Posts that are accompanied with photos and over a hundred characters do better than others on the extensive network of Google+.

What are the Best Practices when Using Google+?

Here are some basic benefits of applying the BEST PRACTICES that follow to get you started:

· It can help you improve the visibility of your business in the Google Search results.

· It is the second largest social media platform and has millions of monthly active users, which means it can help you gain a substantial amount of exposure.

· It helps in increasing and enhancing the social signals for your brand, as well as the networking.
· It can be used as a very effective micro-blogging platform.


· Always make sure that your profile is optimized; add an appropriate description, a branded profile image, and the URL to your website.

· Always allow the 1+ button on your website so that users can recommend your content.

· Verify Your Business.

· Always keep at regularly posting quality content; the more shareable and relevant your content is, the more Google+ will positively regard your online presence by boosting your Author Rank.

· Always try to use keyword rich title tags, treating all your posts like mini-blogs.

· Using the “rel=publisher” code, link your business page to your website so that Google may include your business in the authorship information in search results.

· Always keep adding connections to make your social circles larger and more versatile in terms of audience.

· Keep your posts visual to drive a higher amount of user engagement.

Applying and incorporating these practices in your social media strategy can help you gain a substantial amount of audience, increases user engagement, enhance the visitor flow and drive a good amount of social referral traffic towards your website.

Tips for Increasing Engagement on Google+

· Perfecting Your Profile: Your hover card and profile is the first impression, make sure every element of it reflects the personality of your brand to your audience.

· Manage and Create Circles: Grow your audiences by creating circles and managing them actively, to create a clear brand image in the minds of your prospects.

· Join Communities: Be an active part of a number of communities and try to play a positive role. Keep your prospects enticed with your brand and form a trusting social relationship by contributing actively.

· Share Vigorously: The more content you share on your Google+ page, the more recognized your brand can potentially become, since Google is the largest platform and can easily make or break a brand’s presence.

Become Part of The Google+ Ecosystem

So what we are really looking at here is an entire eco-system, named “Google”. 

A large portion of our online activities and interactions are conducted through this search engine giant, and the brand name has become more of a term. 

People nowadays look to Google for an answer to all their web related questions. 

If your business has any amount of influence and impact, it's compulsory for it to be related to the network in some way.

It is expected that the social media fabric will be even more intricate and complex in the coming years. What brands desperately need to look for at these times is their best platform. 

Although other social media networks have a substantial amount of impact, it is really the Google effect that can truly get your business established.

The Google+ social network has a much wider and more varying outreach than any other network today, and businesses can take a lot of advantage of this fact. 

The benefits that your brand can enjoy from the added exposure and outreach are boundless and the value of your brand can become recognized globally with much effort.

The Benefits of Using Google+

There are many advantages that your business enjoys by choosing this social media network. 

Since the statistics clearly state how much more outreach and exposure the entire Google platform has, the network is highly beneficial in terms of engagement, interaction, leads, gaining prospects and building and establishing your brand.

Must See G+ Infographic: Google+ vs Facebook and Twitter in 2015?

While other networks carry some competitive features, none can quite level up to the number of users that Google+ has gained over time. 

It has become a booming entrepreneurial and corporate environment where brands can flourish and truly experience success. 

Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms simply do not offer the same amount of consistency and growth that the entire fabric of the Google Ecosystem can propose.  

Some common benefits your business or brand will experience are listed below:

· Visibility: Your overall SERP rank increases substantially and by having your business website linked to your Google Plus account.

· Engagement: The communities and circles you join allow you post to a very large targeted audience that will be more likely to engage with your material.

·  Analytics: You get accurate and up-to-date information and data by linking your Google+ account up with insights.

· Informative: You can use Google+ to display your current client information, which can help in exhibiting this information via Google to raise your chances of interaction with client.

Conclusively, Google+ is a huge platform that features a large number of opportunities for businesses to grow and develop, and gain a good amount of audience. 

If you are looking to succeed in your business’ssocial strategy and have been wondering what you've been doing wrong, now you know. 

Switch to Google+ to enhance the performance of all your social media pages and sites and drive prospects towards your business. 

Your ideal customers: the people looking for your products or services right now, but who can't find you yet on social media - they're waiting for you right now on G+! 

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