8 Amazing Strategies To Ease Your Transition from Facebook To Google+ in 2015

One of the biggest controversies in the social media and content marketing worlds is currently struggling to answer the following question: 

 Is it really time to move from Facebook to Google+? 

According to Maria Peagler of recent CopyBlogger.com Fame: 

- "Google+ isn’t only a social network. It’s the very backbone (and future) of Google itself."

What's more, after reading an incredible must read case study by industry leader Michael Q Todd on the topic (the Facebook Titanic Image is from his post), the answer seems to be a resounding yes!

Oh! and either way, don't forget about Twitter! It's still one of the most powerful tools for get large volumes of real time targeted traffic to your blog website or landing page. 

Just take a look at this quick Twitter experiment I conducted recently to correct for blog under-performance with Twitter alone in real-time!

 And, yes! I am available to build you an amazing Twitter Community with thousands of REAL target Twitter Followers. Just take a look at this fast and fun animated explainer video I created the other day to explain how I'll build your Twitter Community: 

Anyway, the wonder of Twitter aside, even if you do decide to stay on Facebook, but want to build a solid G+ presence as well: here are 8 Amazing Strategies and 64 powerful tips that will make your move to G+ much faster and easier for you into 2015:

 So what are your thoughts? Is it really time now for you to make the move from Facebook to Google+? Why? Why not? 

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