Blogger Needed: Your Guide to Getting a Perfectly Written Article or Blog Post - Every Time! [#Infographic]

Daily blog posting is your ultimate organic SEO strategy. Adding 1 high quality post every day to your blog is also the number 1 critical success factor in effective content marketing for your business or personal brand. 

Deep engagement Blogs that post high quality content often see a 500+% increase in monthly targeted traffic [see infographic bottom of page] compared to lest frequent posters! 

If you know the art and science of preemptive social engagement and have a genuine value proposition, daily blogging and content curation could literally be worth its weight in gold for you!
But I don’t have the time to do all that writing and content curation!
It’s true, high quality daily blogging means high quality daily writing and content curation.  That can take several hours per day. Blog post and article writing are serious skills, and there is a real art and science to deep engagement content curating, not to mention effective social media management and preemptive social engagement.
An increasing number of highly successful brands and business are turning to external contractors (outsourcing) their content creation and social media marketing efforts to 5 star content creation and social media management companies.  
Finding the right kind the kind of content creation company to do your daily blogging for you can be surprisingly affordable!
Yet one of the biggest challenges, second only to finding a quality freelance company for the right price, is getting your writer to craft exactly the blog post or article you’re looking for. right when you need it. Here’s what you need to know about getting the perfect blog post: or article written:
A Guide to Getting the Perfectly Written Article or Blog Post Every Time
As a client, this may come as a surprise to you, but writers are “real” people. They are not androids that you program with instructions while they churn out flawless articles minus the need for food, rest, or sleep!

If you lack experience when applying for writers, or if you desire a few helpful hints because of your experiences with writers, this article is for you.

The idea is for you, the client, to learn how to “dangle the right bait” in order to get your article written in a reasonable amount of time. If your article submission has been sitting for a few days without any takers, you need to change your modus operandi. 

Keep Instructions Brief and Practical

Keep in mind, instructions, at times even more so than price, is key to attracting quality writers for your blog, press release, Facebook account, or whatever it is you might need in the realm of valuable content.

Instructions are extremely important if you want your article picked-up quickly. If you request an article of 300 words, and your instructions are 500 words or more, it will make your instructions seem too complex when they may not be at all.

In the mind of the writer, “if you have the time to write 500 word instructions for a 300 word article, you may as well write the article yourself.” Instructions that are too long are a turn-off, period!

Instead of the writer getting busy writing the article, they have to keep referring back to your instructions, which is a distraction at best. The shorter your instructions, the quicker your article is picked-up. A maximum of 100 to 150 words should be enough.

If a writer has any further questions they WILL contact you, so always check your messages whenever you make a request.

Tell Your Writer “What” to Write Not “How” To Write

Asking a writer to use a certain personal pronoun (first, second, or third person), having a preference for a certain number of paragraphs or lists, and the like is fine.

However, it becomes annoying if you “instruct” writers on where to place commas, how to write an introduction, or how to use a hyphen. It’s the writer’s job to write. Your job is to show confidence in the writer, and let them write.
It can also be very helpful to provide your writer with an example of the kind of writing style or voice you like. This can be done by providing the URL to existing blog posts or articles that you read and really like.

 Allow for Communication and Revision When Required

Just because a writer mistakenly used the word “to” instead of “too,” or misspells “pagophagia,” is no reason to reject an article. Sure, if an article is so badly written that you see no way for it to be salvaged, then you have no other choice but to reject it.

However, if you like the direction the article is headed and you feel there is potential, ask the writer to correct the article.

By the way, if you have too many rejections, forget it! “Quality” writers won’t touch your article, even if they are desperate for work. Why should they bother if the odds are clearly against them before they even place their fingers on the keyboard?

Keep Communication Positive and Actionable

There is no need to coerce a writer to do their best. A writer worth their “words in gold” will do that naturally. When you threaten to reject an article if it is not “up to your standards,” you are already stressing the writer unnecessarily.

Be open to one solid revision. During the revision process, make sure to provide actionable, point form feedback of the exact changes you want to bring your article to 5 start quality rating. Be very specific, very brief and to the point regarding the changes you need in your content.

If you are “sincerely” looking for a writer to write a collection of articles, let them know in private after they have selected your article, or after you have viewed their work. Writer’s are impressed and will work harder for clients who “work with them” in a collaborative, communicative manner.

You Get What You Pay For (Most of the Time)!

Outsourcing is big business. Not only for manufacturing products, but for writing as well. If you want cheap writers, you’ll have no problem finding them.

However, if you want writers with English as their first language, who really know how to craft highly readable content, expect to pay a bit more. It’s amazing how many clients return to cheap article writing services for “rewrites” after going for the 500 words for $5 special.

You’d be better off using spinning software if you simply want a bunch of words thrown together. The chances of getting a “quality” article written for an absurdly cheap price is like gambling. Before you walk into the casino the odds are already against you.  
And remember: Google is looking for high quality original posts. Its algorithms are constantly becoming more and more effective at detecting and rejecting spun and poorly written content. Organic SEO is all about Google authorship these days.

If you don’t mind doing a lot of editing, then take your chances with the cheap content route. But time is money, and experienced writers who care about their work expect to be paid a reasonable price.

For example, a decent writer should expect at least 2.5cents per word and up, depending on specific circumstances. If you have a large quantity of articles, you might find a quality writer who will work out a special price for bulk orders.

Don’t underestimate the writing profession; there are professional writers who can command $700 for a 1000 word article!

But please, don’t insult a quality writer by offering $10 for 5000 words. You will find most writers’ intention is to give you their best, and many are fulltime freelancers with bills to pay.
Keep in mind; writers are members of various well-established and important writing forums. They keep each other up-to-date about the world of writing. They WILL “name and shame,” which will prevent quality writers from accepting work from you or your content site. So above all else, be earnest.

If you take these guidelines to heart, you will become the type of client that writers “enjoy” writing for. Not only that, you receive better content resulting in a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Bonus Tip! A great Twitter Community is a one of the most powerful sources of real time targeted blog traffic


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