How to Write an Extraordinary Value Proposition for Social Selling #infographic

The Top 10 Tips to Write a Value Proposition That will Drive Your Click Through and Conversion Rates through the Roof! 

What exactly is a Value Proposition in Digital Marketing and Why Do You Need One?

To put it simply: If you don’t have a killer value proposition your social media marketing efforts will fail.

A value proposition enables a prospect to find all the right reasons for choosing one businesses over its competitors. 

  • It's a promise of real value to be delivered by a business to its esteemed customers.

  • It speaks directly to the target audience and tells them exactly why they should buy products or services from that particular business.

The most powerful value statements simultaneously invoke your ideal customer’s most salient and immediate personal pain points and business problems while offering fast, solution-focused relief.

So, what does it take to have a value proposition that will turn your social media presence into a social selling power house?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 tips for writing an outstanding value proposition for your digital marketing business regardless of its size or the type of industry you’re in: 

1. Identify Your Ideal (=Paying) Customer

Before drafting your value proposition, it’s crucial that you identify who your target audience is or, more specifically your ideal customer (people who want to buy from you right now but who can’t find you in the digital marketing noise).

The type of audience you want to address will determine the keywords, tone and pitch to use.

For example, the tone and keywords that can be used to convince genYers’ to buy the latest iPhone may not be appropriate for persuading the genXers to try out a new retirement savings plan.

2. Communicate the Value You’re Adding

Your ideal customers are out there right now overly curious to find out not just the value you’re adding, but also the problem that you’re solving.

It’s only after you give an outline of your product/service value that the customers will want to find out how it works.

While you are at it, you have be authentic because most customers (if not all) can smell brand or personal in-authenticity from a mile away.

3. Recognize and Highlight Customer Benefits

It will be quite beneficial to your business if your target audience recognizes the benefits that they will get beforehand.  

Make a list of all the benefits that are associated with your products or services, and ensure that these benefits have actually been enjoyed by your existing customers.

4.  Explain why Customers should Choose you Over your Top Competitors

Another thing that customers will be curious to find out is what really sets you apart from your top competition. This is where you will need to go out of the way to explain why the ideal customer should choose your solution over your competitors’.

If it’s your incredible pricing, improved operational efficiency or extraordinary customer experience that puts you over the top, then let it be known.

Zijn retailers wel klaar voor digitale marketing?

5.  Develop Unique Value Propositions for Separate Products/Services

In case your business offers different products or services for sale, it’s advisable that you develop individual value propositions for each one of them.

This will help your customers to clearly understand what they can expect from each of those products or services.

6. Incorporate “Wow” Visual Elements

Most buyers go with the notion of “what you see is what you actually get”. 

There’s so much valueless content to be scanned and you have to be  a lot more compelling so that your value stands out in the noise. 

That means incorporate visual elements that really grab your reader's attention. You have to show an image or video to enhance your message. And of course infographics are the most shared visual content out there right now. 

7. Craft Specific Value Propositions for Specific Buyer Personas

You must be considerate of the fact that different buyers have different personas. 

There are those buyers that will make a purchase right away, while there are those buyers that require a persuasion.

To appeal to these diverse personas, it would be wise to modify different value propositions, i.e. one that is straight to the point and another that is more detailed.

8. Conduct Competitive Research

In order for you to really get to know your ideal customers' persona, you must do targeted research that will help you really know how your prospective buyers’ minds work.

Market research is crucial because it enables a business or a service provider to understand customer needs and preferences as well as dislikes and turnoffs. 

How do you do do scale-able market  research if you're a small business or individual consultant? Well for starters: 

9. Submit Your Test Value Proposition to Rigorous Social Testing

With so many social marketing platforms to use these days, it would be a real shame if you don’t utilize all of them to the maximum.

From your business website or your blog and social media sites, make sure that your test value proposition is amplified across all of them.

It's critical you ensure that the core proposition-messaging is consistent across all of your social sharing platforms as well.

10. Make your Value Proposition Brief and Easy to Understand

Most people have the misconception that they can only create a great impression by using a lot of big words  and heavy jargon.

This is a HUGE mistake that you can’t afford to make. 

Go with verbs and ditch the adjectives! In other words, keep your value proposition brief and easy to understand.

By following these top 10 tips, you’re sure to develop and deliver a value proposition that will not only hold merit in the eyes of your prospective buyers and clients, but one that also set your business far, far apart from your competition!

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