This is How Rackspace Became The World Leader in Deep Engagement Customer Service Excellence!

I was recently doing my usual content curation rounds, looking for the latest breaking news and hottest trends in active employee engagement, team building and gamification to share with our 18k Twitter followers.

I came across this amazing article by Rob Markey at the Harvard business review titled: The 4 Secrets To Employee Engagement. 

In the article Rob brilliantly pinpoints the critical stress point in most underperforming large sales and service driven organizations:

The lower you get on the org chart, the higher the levels of employee disengagement, and this is particularly true of customer service and sales team members. 

It's now common knowledge that the number 1 reason organizations are hemorrhaging top talent is because the vast majority of high turnover employees think their immediate boss is a jerk

What really sets Rob's article apart from the usual monotonous restatements of the same active employee disengagement research, is his discovery of the Rackspace Culture Story. 

 Rackspace is a very successful cloud based hosting company. They've built a truly high performance culture that is arguably leading the world right now in deep engagement customer service leadership. 

 So what are the bottom line results of focusing rich positive-culture based team building, skills development and state of the art performance management right at the frontline? Extraordinary! In Rob's words: 

 "Customers Reward Rackspace with intense loyalty, contributing to the company's 25% compound annual revenue growth and 48% profit growth since 2008." 

I immediately initiated a tweetchat with Rackspace on Twitter to ask them what the secret was to such industry leading customer service. 

In keeping with their "fanatical" approach to customer service leadership, they responded in seconds on Twitter with a link to their recent video. 

The video clearly outlines the story of how Rackspace built their incredible organizational culture out of a serious customer service failure early on in their history. 

This may be the most important video you watch this year on how to build a truly high engagement organization!

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