From Behavioral Content Creation to Content Snackification! Advanced Content Marketing Trends 2014:


Are You Doing Just-in-Time Behavior Based Content Creation?

I love this recent #infographic from Oracle Eloqua! Looks like the future of content marketing, (which includes good old fashioned blogging) is really breaking down into the real time creation of images, articles, blog posts and high engagement videos, based on the behavioral profiling of follower and site visitor consumption patters! 
  Put simply, this means providing your social media followers, viewers, listeners and blog and website visitors with more and increasingly better content based on topics and themes that capture and sustain their deepest engagement levels - right now.

Are You Snack-sizing Your Content? 


 Does your deep engagement content also come in highly sharable and quickly consumable snack-form?

Another amazing insight form this infographic, is the practice of rendering each of your deep engagement pieces  simultaneously snackable. 

In other-words, not only do you need to be constantly creating and curating incredible, just-in-time blog posts, articles, infographics and videos, but you also need to be chuncking your content down in to social snack-size form.

Snackifying your content means among many other things, creating and optimizing extremely high engagement tweets, content summaries (and even value-adding comments to add to other posts you visit) for your Google+ and other core social media platforms (I know some would include Facebook here, but I don't! Here's why!). 

And here's the infographic. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment.

The State of Content Marketing 2014 #infographic

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Infographic Courtesy of : Oracle Eloqua
Peacock Image Courtesy of : Text100  
Snack-Bot Image Courtesty of:   Jiuguang Wang

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