What's Your Passion Position? Your Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy!

The core goal of your B2B or B2C content marketing strategy is to connect with your "ideal customer." 

@P2PEngagement we define your ideal customer as those folks who need and are ready to pay for your product or service right now, but who have not yet been able to find you via social media. 

These are the folks in the top 3% category in that small green tip at the top of the following infographic. 

The question is how do you genuinely connect and engage with your ideal customer population through effective social content marketing without spending thousands of dollars per month?

You already know about the most import social marketing tools and strategies that the world's leading companies are applying. 

You also know how critical precision targeted preemptive social engagement has become in maximizing strategy and channel utilization effectiveness across social media and real world social engagement platforms.

You also know that having a solid value proposition is critical to your business success. Even with the most highly integrated, on-page and organically off-page optimized  social media presence, your conversion rate can only be as good as the actual quality of the real world product or service behind your brand. 

Have thousands of precision targeted followers is of little value and high numbers of page views are meaningless without a clearly expressed value proposition that differentiates you from your main competitors.

It's fascinating just how many prospective content marketing clients believe that effective social marketing and branding alone will sell their product  or service regardless of it's quality!

The Power of Knowing Your Passion Position:

With your value proposition backing up your content marketing strategy, there is one last very powerful piece of the social marketing puzzle that needs to be in place to really insure epic success. 

Content marketing is about sharing just-in-time content, the hottest industry related trends, images,  blog posts super-articles and images out there.  

There is a huge amount of work involved and you need to stay motivated to get it all done each day. 

The ultimate secret to your content marketing success is that you really know and harness the extraordinary power of your passions position, - what you're really passionate about and feel compelled to share with the world. 

If you are truly wowed by a piece of content then your followers and fans will be truly wowed by that piece of content when you share it with them.

Never settle for mediocre content, whether it's your own or someone elses you're sharing.

Share content from your passion position. Share what you love and the ROI will flow.   

What's your passion position? What do you love about your brand, business, product or service the most? 

Header Image Courtesy of: Nimo           

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