How to Build Active Employee Engagement Through Leader-Employee Trust-Building

Over 70% of employees are currently disengaged on the Job and that number is growing. What's the #1 reason organizations are hemorrhaging top talent?  

Employees are underperforming and creating team dysfunction because they think their boss is a jerk.

It turns out that the #1 critical success factor for creating actively engaged employees is effective organizational bonding through  relationship and loyalty building at the employee-leader interface. 

It's about how the employee perceives the senior organizational leadership, even when they are reporting directly to their managers. 

Employee's can only perform as effectively as their managers enable them to. Managers can only perform as effectively as the senior leadership enables them to. 

 Trust in the senior leadership creates positive emotional bonding with the company. Positive organizational bonding rocket fuels discretionary effort and high levels of sustained employee motivation and performance. 

Of course, one the primary sources of perception enabling this bonding process take place at the manager employee interface through effective performance coaching, continuous role clarification and, most essentially for employee motivation: effective employee recognition processes. 

The result is a bond of trust.

Here's what you need to know about employee engagement and the leader-employee trust bonding process from : 

Top image courtesy of: Addam Tinworth 
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