The Secret Strategy for Socially Engaging Famous People On Twitter!

Tweeting with famous personalities and industry leaders is a very popular reason for why many folks join Twitter. 

But few have mastered how to really connect with superstars on Twitter. In fact, most just fail and give up. 

The benefit of effectively engaging top Twitter influencers is that it has an extraordinary positive impact on your own reach and influence on Twitter and beyond.

You can quickly gain followers and businesses get a serious organic boost to their high engagement content marketing efforts. 

I’ve connected with many industry thought leaders, CEO’s, relationship experts and bestselling authors in the social media and corporate consulting world on Twitter, for myself and on behalf of my clients. 

I have often experienced a major spike in both new followers and page views to my blog or my client’s websites as a result.

 Thought leader exchanges can also be incredible sources of inspiration for your ongoing content creation efforts and often translates directly into actionable social media and business strategy.

What’s the real secret to engaging thought leaders you ask? You guessed it!  Preemptive-Engagement.  Here’s how to do it.

  • Set up a Twitter list of the thought leaders you plan to preemptively engage and monitor their Twitter activity.

  • It’s obviously best if you address your Tweets to top Influencers when they’re actually online and tweeting.

  • Periodically monitor their feed for more than 1 @ symbol in their tweets to know when they are actually engaging followers rather than automating their tweets.

  • You can also scan their tweet stream and look for patterns as to when they are likely to be tweeting and what kind of tweets they are most likely to respond to.

  • It’s important to ask your thought leader short open ended questions that are directly relevant to their immediate content marketing or branding efforts.

You’d be surprise how many thought leaders are actually at the Twitter helm or closely monitoring it and how many will actually respond when you Tweet to them in the right way and at the right time!

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