Google vs Facebook & Twitter in 2015 - Who Really Owns Your Social Media?

According to a recent study 79% of B2B marketers see social media as a very important marketing channel that many of them wish they had more cash to invest in.

"The Internet of Things" is now at the apex of the digital technologies "Hype Cycle and that includes social media marketing. So, it's critical that you strongly establish and differentiate your online brand now before the competing social noise becomes too overwhelming. So where do you start?

Facebook may have twice as many followers as Google+ but when it comes to planning your social media and content marketing strategies for 2015, I think the future is really going to be all about Google and especially Google+.

Why? Follow the money!

Google is worth almost twice as much as Facebook and they own YouTube and Blogger! In fact, I strongly recommend that you start making Your Transition from Facebook to Google+ for 2015 as we speak.

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Since frequent, quality blogging (daily posting for ultimate results - i.e. 500%+ increased traffic for strong content) is now the single most powerful organic SEO strategy currently available, it makes a lot of sense to get started with if you don't already have a blog (may even if you do have one somewhere else).   

Not only that, but because Google owns it too, YouTube must become one of your core content marketing strategies for 2014.

Why? Well first, YouTube is still the easiest ways to get to page 1 of Google for highly competitive keywords. And a surprising number of YouTuber's still neglect to optimize their posts.

You can exploit the huge SEO power of YouTube by vlogging your expertise and/or curating and sharing high value content to and from your industry or niche.

YouTube videos are also the easiest to on-page optimize. Make sure to place your keywords early in your title. You can also added them earlier in your descriptions and in your tags.

YouTube is also a powerful yet little known backlink building strategy and it's extremely Google friendly. 

Adding a live link right at the beginning (to increase the likelihood of click-through to your blog) of your video description or title creates a powerful top ranked backlink to your web property or social media account.

When you comment on other people's video posts, your YouTube signature on each comment links back to your channel which is then linked to your live web property links. So when you comment, you're adding Google-friendly backlink weight to your blog as well!  

What about Twitter? Well Twitter may be a comparatively tiny bird among social media giants, but it's still one of the most powerful social media channels for driving huge targeted blog traffic in real time!

Tweets with links to quality content are often indexed by Google creating spontaneous links to your blog!

But you need thousands of real targeted Twitter followers to Maximize those real time Traffic Gains: Do you know the number 1 reason no one is following your Twitter account?

This blog (the 1 you're reading now) gets several hundred targeted page reads from Twitter alone each day with regularl posts via @P2PEngagement on Twitter.

Check out this great infographic from MyVoucherCodes.CO.UK on who owns our social media? What social media platforms will you focus on in 2015?

Who Owns Our Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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