3 Powerful New Twitter Strategies Proven to Drive Huge Targeted Blog Traffic

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I've been developing and testing a number of  powerful new micro-content-marketing Twitter strategies over the last number of weeks.

The result of my most recent Twitter missions? Extraordinary! This is what I've accomplished:

1. Close to 4000 High Value Niche-Targeted Twitter Followers in Just Over The Last 3 Weeks @P2PEngagement and Growing Fast!

2. Over 10,000 Niche-Targeted Blog Visits In the Last Month from Twitter!

 3. A Huge Jump in Twitter Engagement Levels as Measured By Kred.com Stats With close to a 300% Jump in Objectively Measured Engagement Levels.


 Twitter is one of the most effective social platforms for both driving high volumes of real time blog traffic and for directly engaging your most high value followers.   

Here Are The 3 Powerful New Twitter Engagement Strategies That Have Drive These Amazing Recent Gains in My Blog Traffic and Engagement:

1. Frequently Share High Quality Images:

 As a relative newbie to Google+ I noticed that a number of newer business accounts were enjoying high levels of follower growth by sharing high quality digital nature images.

 For a very busy social media manager and blogger this makes perfect sense to me.

Beautiful high quality mainly people-free images of serein nature settings offers a welcome break from the massive flow of busy business related social media content.   

The Powerful Result of sharing high quality nature images?

 1. A massive surge in the number of RT's and favorites to my Twitter account generally;

 2. A tremendous increase in the rate of re-tweeting, favoriting and commenting on my blog content Tweets

 3. Hundreds of almost instant page views to this blog after just 10 minutes of Tweeting high quality images interspersed with my direct blog post Tweets.

How Did I Find Such a Huge Number of High Quality Images to Tweet?

 Simple. I created and gradually built a Twitter List of exceptional nature photography-sharing Twitter accounts. 

 This way I have a constant flow of breath taking images to RT and interpose with my I own content and content that I curate from other amazing social media, gamification and social media sites.

 What's really driving my Twitter success and growth is really an integrated list based and truly organic content marketing strategy.

 This why I also get to frequently engage and directly tweet chat with industry thought leaders, CEO's and best-selling authors, - which often creates a surge in targeted blog traffic as well!

2. How did I Manage to Attract Thousands of Real, High Value Twitter Followers in Under a Month?

 Actually, I've discovered what I think is the most powerful Twitter following strategy currently available!

It allows you to quickly accumulate huge numbers of followers based on selecting accounts with a high likelihood of following you back.

 Getting several thousand highly active and very large Twitter accounts to follow me has enabled me  to do what's called high frequency Tweeting at strategic times during the day, - those well knownbest times to tweet.

 It's amazing to see how high frequency tweeting actually increased engagement and blog visits. You would think tweeting several times per hour would result in a lack a high rate of un-following.

 Yet not only have I seen an increase in traffic and engagement, but I've also had an large and constant increase in the number of followers I get, directly from the highly effective micro-content-marketing strategy I've developed and am now sharing with you.

 I've actually written a short must read post that describes exactly how to get thousands of real followers to your account fast. It's called:

Although the article is written for a Twitter for business audience, it's perfectly suited for rapidly building a deep engagement Twitter account for your personal brand as well.

This post also explains the high frequency tweeting strategy I mentioned as well in much greater detail.

 Whatever you do, don't buy fake followers for Twitter or any other social media account.

 All the major social platforms and search engines are working on way of getting rid of fake follower (and other fake social signal-based) accounts. Fake is not worth it in the long run!

This follower strategy enables incredibly Twitter synergy between tweeting high value content and images and my own blog post links.

Having several hundred new followers checking out your site just as you post fresh blog content is a serious blog traffic booster.

And remember: Effective Blog Posting is one of the most powerful organic SEO and content marketing strategies available today!

 3. Build and Use Twitter Lists as Your Core Content Marketing and Social Engagement Strategy
It took me a while to really catch on to the amazing value of building Twitter Lists. But these are absolutely essential to my phenomenal success on Twitter.

Twitter lists are not new, but using theme to curate high value images as part of a 3 pronged micro-content -curation and accelerated following strategy is.

What's a Twitter List?

 A Twitter list allows you to create a separate Twitter stream around your #keywords and themes your content marketing around on Twitter. That way you don't have to look or try to work with the huge volume of otherwise disorganized and unrelated Tweets to your main focus.

 For example, I love gamification. So I have a gamification list. When I click on the list I can see what my favorite gamification companies, designers, CEO's and thought leaders are tweeting.  

 I can then strategically RT and favorite gamification content (tweets) from other accounts, especially around those times when I will be posting a new gamification blog post.

 I also get to see what kind of #tags the larger gamification community is using so I can add these to my #tweets when I post my own fresh or existing blog content.

 I also have #tech, #socialmedia and of course #images lists that I regularly add to as I discover new high value and interesting accounts that I know will add value for my followers via my Twitter micro-content marketing strategy.  

How do You Build Strong Twitter  Lists?

 Start by building just one general Twitter list that reflects your the general theme of your Twitter account - business or personal.

 For example, I started with one general tweet list that included blogging, tech, startup, gamification, content marketing and social media accounts.

 Eventually, as my core Twitter list started getting too big, I started creating sub lists and removing accounts from the general list and adding them to the sub lists. For instance I now have separate #images and #gamification lists.

Your Key Take-Aways Form This Twitter Tips Post:
 1. Build an Image List and Share High Quality Images to Intersperse with The Other Content You Share. I Recommend Nature Images to Give offer Your Followers a Break from Information Overload as usual.
2. Get Thousands of Targeted Twitter Followers Fast  Based on Selecting Them Based on Their Highest Likelihood of Following You Back. This Will Literally  Save You Months if not Years Worth of Time Building Your Twitter Account. Check out My Short Must Read Article Outlining This Powerful New Twitter Following Strategy.
3. Grow Your Twitter Lists as Your Core Twitter-Content-Marketing Strategy. Start with 1 General List and Break it Down into Multiple Sub-Lists. Make Sure To Also Use My Highly Effective Preemptive Social Engagement Strategies To Build on the Tips and Techniques I've shared with you Hear today.

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