The #1 Reason No One Follows Your Business Twitter Account!

 The #1 Reasons Twitter Business Accounts Fail and The #1 Thing You Need To Be Doing About It Right Now!

Twitter is hands down one of the most powerful social media platforms for:
1.    Building brand awareness across a vast social network of 271 million monthly active users;

2.    Driving  large volumes of targeted traffic to your blog (content marketing strategy #1) For example, this blog gets several hundred targeted page views per day from Twitter alone and has been instrumental in building our 5 star article writing and social media management business on Elance) and;


3.     Directly connect with and socially selling to your ideal customers: People who are looking to buy your products or services right now, but who have not been able to find you yet online.

 Over the past few years I have seen so many amazing tech and apps startups and even well-established real world businesses start and completely fizzle out on Twitter.

I’m talking about the complete or near complete Twitter failure of hundreds of business with extraordinary value propositions, - business offering products and services with the obvious potential to create serious value for their ideal customers.

So What’s the # 1  Reason so Many of These New Business Twitter Accounts Quickly Fizzle into Inactive or Underactive Status?

A complete lack of followers! In order for a business to reap the incredible benefits of Twitter as a core social media marketing strategy, it’s essential that they have thousands of niche targeted followers.
It’s virtually impossible to do active preemptive engagement or targeted micro-content-marketing on Twitter without first having a solid base of thousands of followers.

The business I've seen fail make the mistake of trying to simply billboard their marketing materials and message directly to a very small number of followers. The result is a minuscule number of often poor quality follower accounts.

The challenge of getting thousands of ideal customer targeted followers is even more challenging now that:

1.    Twitter has long since banned the automated un-following and following process; and,

2.    Twitter changed its basic format, the follower accounts page has huge graphic displays of each account that’s following you. So it can take hours now to scroll through so many accounts and try to decide to follow or un-follow.

These obstacles significantly slow down the rate by which your account will be noticed and followed back.

So what’s the Solution? How do you Get Thousands if Not Tens of Thousands of Targeted Twitter Followers To Your Account Fast?

The solution is actually what I now consider to be the most powerful Twitter management software currently available. And there is a free version you can use.

We’ve had over 500 new highly active followers per day when we actively apply the strategy I’m describing here.

We now have  27K+ (update: now close to 34K) highly active and deeply engaged Twitter followers @P2PEngagement and growing very fast. We get several hundred page views from around the world (mainly the United States) from Twitter alone to this blog!

Here’s the Strategy and The Steps You Need to Take to Really Make This Strategy Work for Your Business Twitter Account:

The strategy I recommend starts with not just the use of, but the proper use of a very powerful Twitter tool. It’s a tool that allows you to first instantly select competitor and other potential customer-rich Twitter accounts.

It then quickly populates a list of all your selected account’s followers. You can then rapidly follow any or all of the followers of the account you've selected. 

You don’t have to waste hours scrolling through the clumsy new Twitter follower page. there are also powerful account metrics you get to see and work with.

You can reciprocate and quickly follow back all the new accounts that are spontaneously following you. As importantly you can rapidly remove the accounts that you've followed that have not followed you back.

 Now here’s where This Particular Twitter Tool Which I Will Now Name, Has Really Revolutionized the Twitter Following Process.

Now the above mentioned following and unfollowing processes are available through a number of great free and paid Twitter tools.

But this amazing Twitter Management Tool “Tweepi” allows you to do some truly incredible strategic Twitter following in the paid version, which at such a slight monthly cost is Literally worth it’s wait in Twitter-business gold.

 So What Makes Tweepi So Special?
Tweepi allows you to do 3 very powerful things at once. This is the real value of this blog post.

You really need to read these next brief sections very carefully if you want to take the first critical step in towards reaping the powerful benefits of Twitter for business. Tweepi allows you to simultaneously:

1.    Identify and follow Twitter followers with a very high likelihood of following you back;

2.    Follow Twitter accounts that are highly active; and,

3.    Follow Twitter accounts that have a high number of followers.

How does Tweepi “Know” if An Account is Highly Likely to Follow You Back or Not?

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re starting a social media management business. You’ve used Tweepi to explore the followers of a social media account run by a highly successful social marketing business with a great Twitter brand presence, like the one you’d like to develop.

The paid version of Tweepi allows you to click on (from a drop down list sorting menu) the follow back ratio display of each account. What does that mean?

It means that you get to see the how many Twitter accounts each of the target accounts, for the account you are now exploring, follow back their followers back!

For example, on our @P2PEngagement account we follow back 100% of the real targeted followers who follow us or who follow us back.

So we have a follow back ratio of 100% most of the time on Tweepi. So we are the kind of account that are 100% likely to follow you back, as long as you’re account is real and your have an interest in social media, blogging and gamification.

You will greatly increase the likelihood and speed by which people follow you back by first following Twitter accounts with a 100% (or close to it) likelihood of following you back.

Our account is well established with over 27k+ followers. I’ve found that it’s best to select accounts that are in the 95%-150% follow back range.

As you’ll see when you start to use Tweepi, the vast majority of Twitter accounts have a very low (30-70%) or a very high follow back rate (200% to up to 5000%).

These are the same vast majority of Twitter accounts who are unlikely to follow you back, that might be bots/fake accounts or who will eventually unfollow you to make it look like they are a very important accounts after a few days or weeks.  

For a new account, I recommend that you stick as closely as possible to the 100% follow target range. This is comparatively small percentage of the Twitter accounts you’ll see.

For example you might find 1-20 per 200 accounts. But it is so worth your time to follow accounts with such a high demonstrated likelihood of following you back when you’re just starting, rather than following 2000 accounts and simply hoping they’ll follow you back (when most will not).  

Tip: If you are doing manual following on Twitter - follow accounts that are following slightly more than are following them. 

 Tweepi Allows You To Follow Highly Active Accounts.

You don’t want inactive or fake accounts following you, because inactive accounts can’t RT, favorite or click on your content links.

Not only does Tweepi allow you filter accounts for the 100% follow back ratio sweet-spot , but it also allows you filter for the last time each account tweeted.

Recent tweets (i.e. within minutes or hours) combined with a 100% follow back ratio are a powerful way of identifying highly active accounts who will follow you back.  

Why is it Important That You Follow Accounts with A High Number of Followers?

Effective content marketing of Twitter means that you need to increase the rate by which you Tweet as your number of Twitter followers increases.

Twitter accounts with high numbers of followers are more likely to keep following you if you tweet a lot each day. This includes the all so important intermittent automation of your Tweeting process.

Have you heard about the Powerful 15 Minute Rule?

Back in January Twitter community manager Jade Furubayashi conducted a ground breaking Twitter experiment.

She was concerned that tweeting to frequently would cause Twitter followers to unfollow her. Wow was she wrong. And she proved it!

She experimented by tweeting every 30 minutes or every 15 minutes with a focus on key times of the day that are known to be the best times to Tweet.

The findings were as incredible as they were unexpected.

What did she discover? This how Jade explained her findings:

 “After compiling the data from both weeks, I found that Tweeting in 15-minute increments increased traffic by 31% and engagement by 89%.” - Jade Furubayashi

Engagement as measured by click through rate to content (i.e. blog posts) stayed pretty constant when tweeting every 30 minutes vs every 15 minutes. But because the rate of tweeting was doubled the number of page visits all most doubled!

What are the Key Lessons for Quickly Growing Your New or Under-Performing Business Twitter Account?
Start by getting at least a few thousand highly active followers using this Tweepi strategy I’m recommending.

Twitter is constantly limiting what these otherwise powerful Twitter management tools can do. So it may be just a matter of time before you won’t be able to enjoy the powerful benefits of These kinds of Twitter tools.

Tweet with a low frequency at first using my preemptive social engagement strategy for Twitter but increase your tweeting frequency as your Twitter account increases in size.

And of course: Always make sure that you are Tweeting and RTing the highest quality content!

Make sure to follow accounts that have both a high likelihood of following you back and at least 3000-5000 followers.

Having account follow you with a higher volume of followers means that you can more quickly increase the rate by which you RT each day.

In the long run, you need to have thousands or tens of thousands of highly active accounts following you, who also have thousands or tens of thousands of followers themselves. This will drastically increase the Twitter-reach of your business, your brand and your blog content.

Don’t have the Time To Build an Extraordinary High Quality Business Twitter account? Let Us Build It For You!

Remember, having far too few high-value Twitter followers is the number 1 reason I’ve seen otherwise great business Twitter accounts fail.

Getting thousands of targeted followers for your account is only the first step in establishing your high.

You also need to be actively engaging your followers and curating and sharing high quality content every time. And this whole process takes hours per day and at least a few months.

Don't have time to build an amazing business Twitter Account? Let us do the work for you (P2P Twitter Followers)! You'll have thousands of niche-targeted and highly active REAL Twitter followers within about 4-6 weeks or you Don't Pay!

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