This is How Rackspace Sets The Tech World's Gold Standard For Active Employee Engagement

Rackspace is much more than just your average tech company. That they actually grew out of a major customer service error may be one of the most important case studies in customer service excellence in decades!

The reason they have prominently gained dominance in the tech world is specifically for their commitment to employee engagement.

A main ingredient in their success has been the creation of the Racker Culture, where employees feel comfortable brainstorming and contributing unique ideas to further the companys growth and radical commitment to creating the ultimate customer service experience.
Since 1998 Rackspace has provided and created hosting solutions for the web. They are now the global leaders when it comes to hybrid cloud computing. They have created OpenStack ® which is an open source cloud computing system.
Rackspace has acquired such start-ups as Cloudkick (a company known for its cloud monitoring software) as well as Anso Labs (the group most well known for the NASA Nebula labs).

They are truly experts in the realm of cloud computing and have reached new heights in providing outstanding customer service and opportunities for innovation in the workplace.
You may be surprised to find that many of the apps and websites you use daily are operated using Rackspaces cloud computing technology.


A Fortune 100 Company - "The Open Cloud Company"

Rackspaces motto as The Open Cloud Company suits it well because it is a tech company which produces cloud computing software and web hosting systems in such a way as to be open to new ideas, innovation and promote a strong sense of collaboration amongst employees.

In January 2014 Rackspace was named the top 29 Fortune 100 companies to work for, and they have made Fortune Magazines list six times in the past seven years. They are one of the best tech companies to work for because they give employees a chance for their voices to be heard.

Encouraging new ideas, coming up with new processes in cloud computing, and developing the companys evolving culture are all at the cornerstone of their operations. They give employees the opportunity to express themselves, work flexible hours and not just go to work every day but to live a happy and enjoyable life each day.

This leading edge tech company has been expanding for many years now from their headquarters in San Antonio, Texas and they have recently opened new locations in San Francisco and Sydney, Australia. To Rackspace, their offices are so much more than just office spaces.

They consider their workspaces to be vibrant homes flowing with creativity, friendly and open communications, and above all, centers for innovation. Their workspaces are part of what makes their employees so dedicated to their company.

Employees are willing to go above and beyond expectations set for them and be fanatical about the work that Rackspace does and the customer service they provide.


A Typical Day at Rackspace

A typical day in the life of a Rackspace employee is anything but typical. They believe in allowing employees to express themselves creatively, follow their passion, let the conversations flow and work the flexible hours they wish.

Above all, Rackspace employees, known affectionately as Rackers, are expected to be excited about the work they do in web hosting and in providing top notch customer service. It is because of this freedom, and chance for creativity, that Rackspace has become number one amongst tech companies.

Working at Rackspace does not feel like going to work. It feels more like an extension of living out your wildest dreams. Going to work each day is like fulfilling your greatest ambitions.

The Human Connection

When employees interact with one another in their workspace there is no fear of being judged. Every idea that they share is crucial to the overall culture of the organization. Not just another cog in the system, each employee is valued for what they individually have to offer.

In order to be considered a true Racker, you must be passionate, strong-willed, dedicated, resilient and original. Even though they are a tech company, Rackers think of themselves first as humans beings who are servicing other human beings through the use of technology.

By building off of each others strengths, and not focusing on weaknesses, Rackers are able to develop teamwork skills unlike any other tech companies at the moment. Prominently displayed for all to see is a card which expresses to the organization the strengths of each individual employee as a reminder of their individualism.


A Distinctive Company Culture

The company culture at Rackspace is built on the idea that people are naturally inclined to support what they have helped to create. They believe that the Racker culture has been built by its own employees from the bottom up, instead of being mandated from the top down.

Having this bottom-up philosophy is also one of the reasons why Rackers feel comfortable in sharing new and innovative ideas. They are not being funneled into a certain line of thinking and are open to try new things based on doing what is right to meet the needs of customers.

At Rackspace, both customers and employees have the power to give feedback and impact new changes within the company.     They use conversations, videos, drawings and other tools to keep their culture alive. They are also encouraged to use top-down methods such as memos and email updates.

Keeping the Racker Culture Alive

At Rackspace they subscribe to the philosophy that if people truly believe in the culture that they have helped to create, they will want to sustain it.

They would like to be known as one of the worlds greatest service companies and liken themselves to other companies such as Lexus and the Ritz Carlton in terms of customer service.

Their core values include being committed to greatness, achieving results first, having passion for their work and having outstanding support for the companys values and its employees.

They believe that sticking with their core values will get them through any challenge and will help them seek to gain the most out of every opportunity that comes their way.

In addition to all the ideological culture at Rackspace, there are practical benefits which make working there highly coveted.

As one of the top innovators of cloud technology, there are many benefits to joining the Rackspace team. The major one?

When you get in  there is no where to go but up. You arent joining just any company, but one that will see amazing growth potential, - personally and professionally.

One of the fastest growing companies around the world, Rackspace has customers totaling over 120000, with over 3500 employees to date and counting.

A company that has no plans of being a flash in the pan, their goals for the future are far reaching and all encompassing.


Why Not Work For The World's Greatest Tech Company?


If you are looking for a company to grow with, and one you can believe in, Rackspace is unlike any other  Believing that the key to their success is the health and happiness of their employees, they offer a generous benefits package that includes:

a) Employees enjoy a base salary plus the option to buy into the company. If one succeeds they all succeed. Profit sharing gives each employee a stake in success.


b) Four medical plan options to choose from, you need not worry about the health and safety of your family. Rackspace believes that healthy families translate into happy employees


c) Full dental benefits are enjoyed with the basic employee package


d) Not only does Rackspace care for their employees, they offer full benefits to their spouses and families. Taking care of the entire individual is their number one goal.


e) No need to worry about the future. The benefits package comes complete with a healthy life insurance policy to protect your loved ones.


f) Both short-term and long-term disability plans are part of what they offer


g) Retirement included, a 401k Plan includes contribution and profit sharing. There are over 400 participants with assets that total over 67 million dollars.


h) Rackspace believes that to work hard, you have to play hard. Paid vacation time is just one of the many perks offered.


i) Flexible working hours, you dont need to adhere to the 9-5. Flex time and other scheduling opportunities are available.


j) Continuing education is available for those who want to further their studies. Rackspace University has refresher courses, training courses and other orientation programs.

The courses range from technology, business, to do it yourself. Believing that education is the key to a healthy growing corporation, Rackspace fosters the continual advancement of its employees through learning.


k) There is a free onsite fitness facility where you are able to blow off steam, escape the stressors of the day, or just stay at the top of your game.

In the end, the only thing that really matters for you the employee, is that Rackspace believes in caring for the individual through doing the small things that really count.

Not only being concerned about your health and well-being, they care about your happiness. From free sodas, to other promotions, the perks just never end.

If you want to join a company that cares about their employees in a way that most companies dont anymore Rackspace is where you belong. You arent just someone who works there, you are part of the Rackspace family.

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