How To Conquer Stress While Radically Increasing Your Happiness and Wellbeing! [#Infographic]

Stressed About Being Stressed At Work? Here's How To Drastically Increase Your Workplace Happiness Levels!
It is the human condition to never feel like we are in the right place at the right time. Most of us are always either running late, or behind, which leaves us in a constant state of anxiety.
The more things we accumulate in our lives to save us time, the more complex our time becomes. If you are having a hard time dealing with the stressors of daily life, you are not alone.
Seven out of ten people report that they feel anxiety or stress on a daily basis. A whooping 24% reporting feelings of being extremely overwhelmed.
What is contributing to so much grief in our lives? It is a combination of all the demands on our time, and our endless need to worry about what we can, or cant, do anything about.

What is the reality of stress?

Although most of us say that we worry continually about things in our lives not getting done, or done properly, in reality only 15% of the things we worry about ever really come to fruition.
Even when the worse case scenario comes true, we almost always rise to the occasion. When the worst happens we experience little problem dealing with what comes our way.
The major things that people stress out about are money, work and the economy. They are all themes over which we have no control, but they effect how satisfied we are with life, and the overall quality of it.
Almost half of all adults say that stress is a contributing factor to them losing their patience, and not behaving the way they would like.
When you are stressed out you are more likely to take out your feelings on others. You are also more prone to lose your temper and react in unproductive ways.
Those unproductive behaviors can spill out into your marriage and family relationships.

Is there an acceptable level of stress?

There is no way to completely eliminate stress from our lives. Stress is something that is virtually impossible to avoid. Not all stress is bad.
There are some stressors in life which can be healthy and lead to positive outcomes. The problem with stress is not the stressor itself, but in the perception of it, and the response to it.
Long term anxiety can have disastrous results on your health. Those who are under extreme amounts of stress producing situations can experience weight gain, memory loss, sleep disturbances, heart disorders, and skin problems.
If you are now stressing out about being stressed out, you are one of the people who could use some de-stressing tools.

What are the ways in which you can deal with workplace stress?

The best way to deal with workplace stress is to learn how not to internalize it, or allow it to take control over your ability to be rational.
Those individuals who are able to look at stress in a positive light, and deal with it effectively, are more likely to be well adjusted and have less negative health consequences.
Since there is no way to live a life without stress, developing better coping skills is the only way to decrease its harmful effects.
Try the following to cope better with what life can throw at you

Get out, get moving

When you begin to feel the stress building, it is time to get out and get moving. Taking a break and gaining distance from something always makes it look smaller and insignificant.
It is easy when you are in the thick of something to lose perspective on its importance. The next time you are at work and something gets you to the boiling point, go for a walk.
Just 15 minutes away from the office to clear your head will allow you to calm down and think more rationally, The key to coping with stressful situations is to deal with them without emotion.
In the heat of a stressful situation, that is rarely possible. The world is not going to fall apart if you excuse yourself for 15 minutes to clear the slate and start again.

Call a lifeline

We all have that person in our lives who is the voice of reason. When you feel as if you have gotten to the point where a solution is impossible, pick up the phone and talk through the problem with someone you trust.
It isnt the yes man in your life. You want to turn to someone who can be objective and can put some realism into the situation. They are able make the answer more clear.
Find that friend who is capable of presenting both sides, and allowing you to talk through your own thoughts.

Keep pictures of fun things at your desk

If you cant escape physically, try to do so mentally. Keeping pictures of your last vacation, happy family, or your last fun excursion will allow you to escape mentally to a time when you were able to feel freedom from the daily grind.
Day dreaming is the best way to get lost for a bit and find some tranquility from it all. Just immersing yourself into something positive will bring out the positive in any situation you are facing.

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