20 of the Most Surprising Facts About the World's Most Powerful CEOs


Highly effective business leaders need to know how speak in a way that precision guides teams of all types and sizes. Yet as importantly they must be incredibly skilled at reciprocally communicating with, engaging and meaning-making with their employees at the person to person level . As Jeff Boss put in his recent leadership post at the Entrepreneur:

"The difference between speaking and communicating with people is that the former tells people what to think and how to feel, whereas the latter creates meaning through self-discovery. If you want to sustain your value both as a leader and as a founder, you must be able to communicate -- and instill - value."

Leaders are also veracious in how they consume, digest and implement high value leadership development books and strategies as they carefully regulate the influx and output of the valuable organizational resources they control.

For instance, what wouldn't any real or aspiring CEO do to get their hands of on the #1 business book from Bill Gates recently divulged Top 6 List of must reads?

Turns out the book: “Business Adventures” by John Brooks has been out of print for decades now! Here's an original copy on Amazon.com for only 3500.00 US!

 But there’s more to being or becoming a high performance CEO than just being a deep-engagement communicator and strategic consumer of business books.

Turns out that you also have to have been working at the same incredible company you now lead (79% of the time) for years and have your bachelor’s degree from outside of the US in most cases.

You also have to have completely mastered and demonstrated the fine art and science of high performance marriage -as a husband!

Are you surprised? Here's a very interesting infographic based on research out of the Harvard Business Review recently shared by Laura Montini of INC. fame. Take a look for yourself!

Anatomy of the World
Top image courtesy of: Viedea Captial Advisors
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