Leafit Pays You To Post Your Best Photos

Are you a photographer who is trying to get your photos and images noticed by major corporate retailers and other potential customers?

Are you tired of sharing your best photographs and images on social media for free?
Leafit is a revolutionary new social media platform that is actually designed to pay you for sharing your best visual content. It’s app-based and very easy to use via mobile or PC.

Tens of thousands of major retailers and corporations have already signed up and are waiting for Leafit account holders to post high-engagement images that can help market their products and services via social sharing networks.
Leafit is being promoted to the average social media user with huge numbers of new users signing up well before its formal release date.

This amazing new social sharing platform may be of extraordinary value to business minded photographers who are especially skilled in producing and delivering theme-targeted expert visual content for social media.

Here’s an infographic that explains how to use leafit. There’s a great short explainer videos you need to see and you can sign up. It’s totally free:

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Leafit Infographic

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Infographic courtesy of: paid to post pics.
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