How To Socially Market Viral Content Hours Before it Goes Viral! - Really!



Can you imagine publishing a business blog, Google+ post or Twitter tweet that you know will trend or go viral seconds before it does?

“We give brands tomorrow’s newspaper today.”  - Randy Browning Blab CEO (Fast Company Magazine):
Can you imagine the power of being able to produce precision, targeted social marketing content based on the most salient deep-engagement themes that are just about to start hyper-motivating hundreds of thousands of unanswered questions, searchers and purchasing behaviors across all the major search engines and social media platforms?
It may sound like a data driven marketing and pre-emptive reputation management revolution from the distant future, but its actually happening right now!
It’s called “Predictive Social Intelligence.” It’s the proprietary brainchild of an amazing new startup called Blab. 
“BlabPredicts’ game-changing contextual patterning and data visualization technologies put the consumer insights you need right where you need them, up to 72 hours before they even happen...” (Blab Website)


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