Revolutionary New Predictive Analytics Tools - Engagement Metrics That Have a Mind of Their Own [#Infographic]

The new world of predicative and behavioral analytics is as fascinating as it is powerful. Future customer purchasing and other high value  behaviors can now be predicted with extraordinary accuracy well before they actually take place. 

Some of the most mind boggling applications are actually patterned on the kind of neurocognitive information processing algorithms that your brain is using right now to explore this blog post.  

Predicative analytics is having stunning profit driven applications from Banking and behavioral marketing to social brand amplification and gamification.

For example, the extraordinary new start up Blab enables you to predict and build content around viral social media trends well before they go viral.

Resonate is revolutionizing marketing (and political) campaigns by predicting customer purchasing behaviors based on their motivations and values with the kind of stunning accuracy that’s literally leaving its competitors in the dust.

Here’s an amazing infographic from FICO on the 4 ways analytics think like you:

 ai analytics

Header Image via: Wikimedia Commons
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