How Deep Engagement Organizations are Harnessing Employee Happiness [#Infographic]

Employee happiness is such a powerful source of competitive advantage that leading organizations are now paying their unhappy employees big bucks to up and quit!

Videogame design giant Riot Games Inc. recently stated they would offer unhappy employees $25K to quit their jobs. pays their unhappy employees $5k to leave while pays them $2K to pack up and go.

Why pay unhappy employees to leave when you can build high performance teams instead? And what about creating physically greener and healthier work spaces to support and accelerate that performance? 

In her recent Forbes post Sap contributor Jenny Dearborn shares insights into recent research that reaffirms what team building Master Patrick Lencioni has been teaching us for decades in his landmark book –The  5 Dysfunctions of a Team:
That the true key to organizational health and performance is employee trust.

Leading organizations are harnessing powerful new technologies in their pursuit of active employee engagement and sustained discretionary effort.

A powerful insight from this great StaffSquared infographic is that managers and team leaders who are disengaged are 3X more likely to have disengaged employees working under them. 

Deep-engagement organizations are increasingly empowering and integrating leaders at all organizational levels and cross-functionally, with powerful new performance enhancing social-learning technologies.

The gamification of behavior based employee performance management with elite gamification companies like Bunchball is now becoming a no-brainer – it’s integrated organization development in a cloud based platform! The gains in effective collaborative learning, work quality and quantity and engagement are literally extraordinary.

Next level organizations are also designing and implementing evidence-based deep-engagement super-green work spaces. Healthy, comfortable, naturally lit work environments, with fresh clean air are proving to be fundamentally reinforcing to employee happiness wellbeing and productive work behaviors.


Top Image Courtesy of :Career Development Net

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