Why 70% of Employees Are Disengaged At Work and What You Need To Be Doing About It Right Now

Ok, so you probably know all about the extraordinary cost of active employee disengagement. For example, that disengaged employees:

  • Cost their organizations $3,400-$10,000 in wasted salary per year!

  • Take more paid sick days

  • Drain the effectiveness, quality rates and goal accomplishment levels of their otherwise engaged workmates

  • More often miss deadlines

  • Suffer sales under-performance

  • Contagiously disengage internal and external customers, with higher customer complaint rates and service dissatisfaction reports.

You probably also know that the number #1 reason that many organizations are hemorrhaging top talent is because those top performers think that their boss is a serious jerk. You might say that the real problem is actively disengaged leadership.

But what is it more specifically, that effective organizational leaders and high performance team builders need to start and stop doing to enable momentum from active disengagement to active engagement? 

What specific behavioral change targets do they need to focus on as they performance coach at the employee manager interface to make the needed adaptations in their organizational systems, structures, culture and processes? 

Check out this wonderful infographic from tibber  Are you seeing some of these challenges in your team or organization? If so what are you doing about them? 

Are you applying social media to flatten and cross functionally integrate your organization or team structures and processes? 

Are you exploring the extraordinary power of gamification and more specifically engagement behaviorization to enable and synergize active employee engagement?: 

Image courtesy of: Victor 1558

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