Sold! A Powerful New App That Takes The Hard Work Out of Selling Your Junk!

Do you have electronics and electronics accessories that you need to sell but you don’t have several hours to set up accounts on craigslist or Ebay? 
No need to visit your local pawn shop who will likely only give you a fraction of what your stuff is worth - Time to check out Sold!

As seen in Wired, TechCrunch, The LA Times, FastCompany, The Verge, Cosmopolitan, and many more:

Sold is an impressive new OS/Android app that allows you to quickly sell your phones, tablets, laptops, sunglasses, shoes, cameras and watches. 

All you need to do is a quick sign up, take some pictures of the stuff you're selling and fill out a quick product description and they do all the selling work for you.

Shipping with sold is not only hassle free it's actually totally free. They send you a custom shipping box with packing materials and you send your stuff directly to them.
Sold will take up to a few days to research the price of your item or items and they let you know their price before you agree to sell. Once your junk is sold, they deposit your money directly into your account. There are no hidden fees or bait and switch gimmicks with sold.  

Check out the Sold app at Google Play  

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