3 Powerful Gamification Examples from The World’s Leading Gamification Companies



Super-Motivate Employees, Build High Performance Teams and Ignite Organizational Transformation with Bunchball


Tired of team underperformance and dysfunction? Want to bring your team and your team leadership role to truly high performance levels?
How about literally employee performance coaching for nothing short of continuous discretionary effort and active employee engagement?
In addition to its extraordinary cloud-based loyalty and branding initiatives with hundreds of the world’s leading companies (must read: This is why Bunchball is the world’s leading gamification company) Bunchball provides arguably the ultimate set of job performance management tools for results driven team building and real time behavior based performance management.

Bunchball seamlessly integrates big-data with applied behavioral science to super motivate employees around totally customizable data-driven performance goals. This allows you to unleash the kind of high value behaviors and discretionary effort that drive serious business success and competitive advantage.  

Real time performance feedback and positive reinforcement through points, badges and levels, fueled by highly salient social rewards and other powerful incentives are delivered through a robust, fun to use and extremely user friendly interface.

Full social media and mobile integration are just some of the features that will take your organization to the next level of business excellence, customer service leadership and accelerated brand amplification.


Radically Increase Engagement Levels, Target-Community-Build and Socially Amplify Your Website With Captain Up

Can't stand only having family members and your best friend visit and share content form your website or blog? Captain Up offers an easy to install and ready to use platform that will completely gamify your website and drive traffic to it.

Visitors earn points badges move through levels as they interact with your content, and socially share it on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Captain up unleashes the real possibility of transforming average sight visitors into vibrant communities of ragging follower fans and avid brand evangelists.

Real time sight analytics allows you to monitor visitors’ site behaviors so that you can discover and exploit user data trends, create fresh content and design new user experiences to further increase follower numbers and deepen reader engagement levels.



Quickly Grow Customer Loyalty, Incentivize Repeat Business and New Referrals with Belly

Looking for an incredibly cost effective and easy to use strategy to incentivize repeat purchases and generate large numbers of completely fresh customer referrals?
Want to systematically grow your brand loyalty through both social media driven and word of mouth branding growth?

 How about a totally customizable virtual brand loyalty card your customers carry around on just about any kind of mobile device, all via a quick-install iphone app?

Belly is a customer acquisition platform that enables purchasers to earn points through a gamification framework. Points can then be redeemed for rewards customized to include offerings from any business participating in the belly loyalty program network.

Belly offers full social integration and incentives social sharing and organic customer brand building along with a powerful, totally customizable and very appealing email campaign feature.

Unleash the powerful Belly-Bites program to bring potentially scores of new customers to your business.

Most importantly, Belly provides you with highly actionable business intelligence through state of the art customer analytics experience. This way you can continuously improve your loyalty rewards programs and email marketing campaigns based on real time customer buying patterns, preferences and behaviors.  

Belly is currently being implemented as core loyalty program by over 7 thousand business and over 3000 million customers have signed up across the USA and these numbers are growing every day.


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