This is Why Your Social Media Strategy is Failing!

You're beginning to see seemingly extraordinary social media and content marketing traffic results through the single most powerful active follower engagement strategy for 2015; - a strategy I developed called: “Preemptive Social Engagement.” 

You can’t believe it but you're starting to get hundreds or even thousands of daily page views to your blog or website.

You’re slowly making that critical move from Facebook to Google+ and you’re also really starting to understand how to build the ultimate deep engagement Google+ Account for your business or personal brand.

Your even starting to think about using the most powerful gamification tools to rocket fuel your website and customer loyalty processes.

You’re social media accounts are starting to snowball. You're beginning to get thousands of new precision targeted followers each month on all of your social media platforms.

 Your content marketing strategy is impeccable. The content you create and share is extraordinary. 

But despite all of the page views and deep levels of real time social engagement, you’re not making sales or getting new contracts. There's zero impact on your bottom line. 

It turns out that the idea of generating serious online business results by simply getting tens of thousands of precision targeted followers to your social media sites is a complete myth! 

So what’s the number 1 reason your social media strategy is failing to generate new business for you right now? Why aren't you getting hundreds of sales to match those thousands of pageviews? 

Simple - You lack a clear “value proposition.” – What’s a value proposition?

Imagine you owned a brick and mortar store. You had a strategy that could get 1 million people to walk in to your store over a 2 day period. If not one of those 1 million people actually wanted or needed what you were selling in your store, your strategy to get them to come to your store would be useless.

A value proposition is what sets you apart from your competition. It tells your customer how you meet their most immediate and pressing needs and desires in the highest quality, fastest and most affordable way available to them.

Your "real" value proposition clearly states your ideal customer’s most pressing and immediate need or problem and simply articulates the solution that you or your brand is uniquely positioned to provide them with right now. 

But your value proposition has to be both real and unique: 

You may get 10’s of thousands of visitors to your blog each day and you may be frequently tweet-chatting to famous people and thought leaders on Twitter throughout the week. 

But in the final analysis it’s just not worth the investment of your time and money if your call to action doesn’t link directly to a clear and true value proposition for your ideal customer or client.
 If you don't have a strong value proposition your wasting your time using social media and content marketing for your business.

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When we create deeply engaging articles and curate content for your blog or website, we work very closely with you to make sure the writing voice and research strategy for your content are exactly what you and your readers want to see right now. 
 We also build high engagement Twitter, Google+ and Youtube accounts with thousands of highly active and deeply engaged niche targeted followers, based on our unique preemptive social engagement and following strategies. 

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Notice how small the emphasis is here on actual sales conversions in this popular social media infographic? I would argue that most businesses reporting huge sales leads have very large budgets, established brands and use other marketing channels in addition to social media. Still others businesses are likely reporting a very small ROI from social media alone.

Startups, consultants and small business that are getting serious bottom line results from their real world social media campaigns have serious bottom line value propositions. What's your value proposition?


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