Your Top 10 Most Engaging B2B Content Marketing Strategies for 2014 -Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends

Business to Business Social Media Marketing is truly becoming social! 

Simply posting an article,
infographic or video link across multiple social media platforms is no longer an effective means of branding or marketing your organization's products or services.

With such extraordinary content being marketed by everyone these days, narcissistic billboarding simply does not work. Effective social media marketing for business is no longer business 2 business or even business 2 customer, it's person to person 2 person.

Active follower engagement, the kind that will seriously maximize your ROI for every dollar you spend on social media is all about preemptively building 1 very human relationship at a time through 1 human very human conversation at a time.

The way to get that conversation started is by sharing fresh content that creates immediate value for your targeted followers and fans.  If you are genuinely wowed by the content you're sharing your followers and fans will also be wowed by it. And that's were conversation needs to start

Here's a list of the top 10 most powerful content marketing strategies currently available for effective cross business human relationship and connection building in 2014. 

I'm also slide-sharing a great presentation on B2B Marketing, Benchmarks and Budgets for 2014 from The Content Marketing Institute. Why? It really wowed me! Take a look: 

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