9 Great Tips for Creating High Engagement Content For Your Blog or Website [#Infographic]:

As the world's leading social media coaches will tell you, the key to effective social marketing and branding is pre-emptively forging person 2 person connection with your targeted followers and fans.

These are targeted followers who are ready to pay for your product, service or expertise right now, but who can't find you yet through social media.

Creating deep follower engagement is all about initiating and quickly forming a lasting and meaningful social relationship, often in just a few short seconds.

The ultimate key to forming that lasting person 2 person connection is through offering your readers articles and blog content that directly address and immediately meets their most pressing personal and business needs, interests and passions.

Here's an amazingly simple yet powerful infographic from a guest post by Craig Silverman of  spundge.com. I Found it recently via Mari Smith's social media blog on how to create effective content for your brand:

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