31 Content Marketing Tips to Increase Blog Traffic [#Infographic]

Blogs that have more than 100 high quality posts and that post fresh content 15-30 times per month see 500% more targeted search engine traffic on average. 

Combine high frequency deep engagement blogging with an extraordinary value proposition and you've got a blog that will generate leads and revenue for your business. 

But where do you get all that great content from? 

Do you have a working content marketing plan for your business? Are your audience getting value enough from your blog posts to make them share your blog contents?

Blogging based on a strong content marketing strategy means you have to  plan, prepare and research the article. before writing. 

You still have to edit and be sure that the article is readable before posting. It has to be of  serious and immediate value to your target audience. Only then will they share it.

 I found a great content marketing infographic to help you shape your content marketing strategy. You'll find these tips very useful when creating content for your business. 

There are 5 Steps that break down into 31 tips. 

These are the 5 steps: 

Planning And Research
Making It Shareable

Now, let’s take a look at each step one after the other to highlight the most valuable tips for each step.

Content Marketing Means Planning and Research

Planning and researching begins with finding keywords relevant to your chosen topic. One that people are searching for on Google and other search engines. To achieve this you can:

• Use Google Keyword Planner to get relevant keywords people are searching for:
• Search Twitter for popular topics that are related to your keyword. Your focus should be on those ones getting the favourites and highest retweets
• Do a Google search with your keyword to know other pages ranking for the same keyword based on Google’s suggestions that pop up as you type your keyword ideas
• Now create a list of compelling points you want get across on your blog post.

Writing Your Content

To make your blog post easy to read follow these steps:

• Make short paragraphs. Break up every 2-3 lines or every 75-100 words
• For every 500 words of text, include an image (the most shared posts have an average of 1-2 high quality engaging images per post)
• For easy reading use sub headers to break up your article
• Create a compelling headline with at most 55 characters
• Use bullets and list were necessary
• Spell check before posting

Optimization is Key

You have to optimize your content for search. This includes stunning visual optimization of your social media accounts. 

This for better ranking on the search engines. Here are some basic but critical SEO points to note:

• Post article of 1000 to 1500 words in length or more 
• Place your keyword into your blog title for easy identification by search engines
• Include your keyword in an H2 header
• Place your keyword at the beginning of your title for optimal results
• Make It Shareable
The more you share your high quality content on social networks the more popular it becomes. And the more traffic you get to your blog. This can mean more sales if you’ve written and extraordinary value proposition. 

Make It Really Easy to Share

Want more social shares to increase the social signals on your blog? Here are some tips: 

• Create an attractive custom graphic that shows the title of your blog. This will increase shares on Pinterest and other social networks
• Use click to tweet to include tweetable quotes and stats in your blog
• Create an infographic relevant to your topic and be sure to include it in your post
• Include videos or slide share presentation

Promote Your Content

To get more people to see your blog post you have to socially promote your blog. It may be the blog as a whole or a particular blog post. 

But focusing on promoting a particular post will give rise to reaching your target audience based on your #keywords. Use the following content promotion techniques to promote your blog posts:

• Send an update to your email list for instant traffic. Be sure to include a link to your blog post
• Share your blog post on Facebook
• Share on Twitter with your custom blog title graphic included
• Pin to relevant Pinterest boards to get more exposure
• Share your blog post on your Linkedin personal profile and company page
• Share to relevant Facebook groups
• Use Facebook adds and Linkedin sponsored updates to run targeted adds
• Install a social sharing plugin on your blog for easy sharing
• Consider other places like Reddit, Digg, Myspace and the likes. But you must understand how these sites and their communities work before posting your content. To avoid making wasted efforts posting on them. 
• Share your post on Google Plus profile and relevant communities

Check out the amazing infographic that inspired this post. It's from the content marketing masters at TopDog.com

                                                                                                                                                        content marketing checklist top image courtesy of: http://www.marketingfacts.nl/berichten/mediabesteding-hoeveel-tijd-besteden-we-aan-tv-lezen-internet-en-andere-med
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