Top 6 Social Influence Strategies Based on Science - #Infographic

It turns out there's a science behind how top influencers operate. And this science may have far reaching implications for your digital marketing business. 

Check out this great infographic I found at It outlines some fascinating insights from Dr. Robert Cialdini's book:

Influence: The Science of Persuasion 

Here are Dr. Cialdini's Top 6 Science Proven Strategies for Effectively Influencing Others:

1. Reciprocity: It's not what you give but how you give it. 

2. Scarcity: The less there is more people seem to want it.

3. Authority: People are more likely to accept influence from credible and knowledgeable experts.  You might want to re-hang all of your degrees, diplomas and certificates. 

4. Consistency: Initiating small commitments is the foundation for initiating big commitments. 

5. Liking: Shared passions and interests enable persuasion and cooperation. 

6. Consensus: People are more likely to do something if you let them know most other's are doing it: 


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