14 More Scary Employee Engagement Stats for 2015! [#Infographic]

Researchers at Arizona University have discovered yet 1 more major way employee disengagement translates in to huge revenue losses: through a lack of brand alignment and "brand fluency".

Cherly Conner summarizes the study beautifully in her recent Forbes post:

"When employee image and behavior doesn’t mesh with the brand, it not only tarnishes the business, it creates a cognitive dissonance that the customer internalizes as incongruent behavior. It weakens trust in the company and lowers integrity scores. And, of course, it reduces revenue and sales."
- Cherly Conner

Want even more bad news about employee disengagement? There is a a great #infographic from the folks at OfficeVibe at the end of this post. And it got me thinking:

Hum... almost 90% of employees lack passion in their work while 80% of senior managers lack passion in their work too. And if that's not enough, 86% of businesses and HR leaders feel they lack a clear leadership development framework for their employees ..do you think there might be a relationship here?

Only 6% feel that their performance management systems and processes are worth the effort.

Poor government workers too! - They're experiencing the lowest rates of engagement! 

Makes you wonder if highly effective internal and external organizational performance interventions are only for organizations already fat with slack resources to invest in such initiatives.

Not necessarily!

There are 2 powerful yet highly cost effective strategies that will help your realize your wildest employee engagement goals.

For example: what do you do if you don’t have the budget for an elaborate leadership development program? Well, to quote Ken Blanchard: “It’s always the leader.”

You can seriously and very positively impact organizational performance by recruiting and hiring for evidence-based leadership skills. These may be as or more important than task or role competency, which are much easier to train on the job in most cases, anyway.  

Why not unleash your internal change agent? There are some great tools and strategies right now to help you really Transform Your Company Culture from the bottom up!

Yes, employees in government organizations have the lowest engagement levels, - let’s not even mention the discretionary effort void right? Wrong!

Just take a look at this short real world video example of how effective leadership can transform an entire department, even one embedded deep inside an ancient and gigantic bureaucracy like the Department of Motor Vehicles! 

Ok.. so maybe you don't have the budget to incentivize employee performance with some of the mind blowing perks that the world's leading companies are offering.

Need specific cost free Leadership strategies that you can start applying right now?

Did you know that the top 3 most powerful strategies for motivating employees have nothing to do with money? 

 Why not give your employees a "Hall Pass" so they can take a day off when they need it without being sick? 

That's just one of the innovative suggestions from leadership expert Lolly Daskal  via Inc.com:

 "20 Ways to Reward Your Employees Without Spending a Dime"

And there are some amazing new transformational leadership tools that the top organization development consultants simply could not have imagined just a decade ago!

 High performance #gamification technologies like Bunchball's amazing behavior-based performance management platform are cost effectively revolutionizing our ability to put employee disengagement into permanent high-speed reverse! 

This is true of individual, team and organization wide performance reversals. There are even examples of total cultural transformations through gamification! 

Oh, and since almost 60% of work interruptions are social media related, I strongly advise that you hire these guys to build your company's  deep-engagement social media empire!

  Check out the infographic:

13 Disturbing Facts About Employee Engagement [Infographic]
This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee survey tool that helps companies improve their corporate wellness, and have a better organizational culture.

Steve Koukoulas via Compfight cc

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