The Top 9 Most Invigorating Diet and Exercise Trends for 2015

Stuck trying to find the right diet and exercise trends for 2014? Check out these 9 cool health trends you can’t miss. Read on…

#1 Eat Clean

10 Ways to Eat Clean
Yes, you read that right! This one’s a popular #hashtag on #Instagram and #Twitter, and is based on a very simple concept- eat more of what is unprocessed and in its natural form. 

This year, eating clean can probably get you the best benefits of your health goals. Eating clean will mean you’ll be taking in processed food a lot less than you usually did, and will definitely feel more energetic and healthier than ever before!

#2 Virtual Fitness

While you can always head out to your nearby gym; virtual gyms are now taking the fitness world by a storm. 

The world today is obsessed with technology, and with group fitness classes held online, you can find fitness right at your finger tips. 

You can also hire yourself a personal online trainer, and get your lessons directly online- even live to make it more convenient. Sounds cool right?

#3 HIIT It!

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training; and if you’re not sure what it means, it probably means you should do it even more! 

These exercises are basically short and intense cardio bursts followed by a period of recovery. HIIT is a quick and effective workout, especially for those who lead busy lives and don’t really find the time to work out.

#4 SUP Yoga

PaddleboardDo you like falling into the water a lot? A new form of yoga, which was a popular fitness trend last year, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) yoga is a unique form of workout which needs you to practice moves on a 6 foot long board on 4 rockers

This form of yoga requires you to engage your muscles more than other forms of yoga, and is a good variation to the traditional workout routine rather than the classical old style yoga.


#5 Virtual Group Classes

When it comes to fitness and working out, it’s always ‘the more the merrier.’ You can check out cool and innovative group workout classesheld online, where you can interact with people around the world, share your fitness goals, and learn new stuff. 

This is a good way to interact with new people and learn from each other’s experiences. You can also experiment with the way you work out, and maybe perform some new dance moves or exercises along with your group to make it fun and exciting.

#6 Strength training

fitness trends 2014 bikes commuting muscle tracking training helmets machines exercise trends future tech
Top notch strength training one follows high intensity virtual training when it comes to selecting the best fitness workout regimens; be sure to seek the assistance of a personal trainer before you start weight lifting.

Be sure to talk to your family Doctor before starting any kind of diet or exercise program. 

Also make sure you don’t overdo it- you might even risk serious damage to your muscles and ligaments.

#7 Indoor Cycling

Courtesy of Q by EquinoxIndoor cycling is yet another great workout routine you could try this year- it gives you the comfort and flexibility of working out at home and not having to dress and go out- yes you can do it in your PJs. Invest in a good indoor cycle this month, and watch your health improve.

#8 Organic

Organic foods have been in the market for a long time now, and if you haven’t yet turned to using them, you should probably start now. 

Organic foods are pesticide free, and are also free from other chemicals and ripening agents that harm the body and lead to organ damage (yes, organ damage) after long term use. What’s more, organic foods taste better, since they are so fresh and natural.

#9 Work out While Working

Did you know sitting can seriously harm your health? It turns out that sitting all day at work could actually have more of a negative health impact than chronic smoking!

Learning how to workout at work is yet another great fitness routine you could add to your life this year, not to mention literally adding years to your life! It may hold as many or more surprising health benefits than any other form of exercise or physical training that you introduce into your routine. 

Why? Because it helps protect you from the dreaded sitting disease. It also helps reduce stress levels and improves your mood and even your productivity. 

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