What You Absolutely Need to Know About Buying Fake Followers, Likes and Views!

Did you know that according to the free fake follower account monitoring tool Status People, Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and Oprah are all said to have a 70% or more fake follower rate? 

As I've clearly stated in my highly popular: Your Ultimate Twitter How To Guide for 2014

"...social media accounts whose owners intentionally buy fake followers, likes and views etc, will actually be banned some time in the near future from all social media sites, much the same way poorly spun and spam content was eradicated from Google by the panda and penguin algorithm changes starting back in 2011."

Here an important infographic that further explains why you need to avoid the temptation to of buying fake followers, fans, likes and views across all of the major social media platforms:   

Fake it to make it - Should You Buy Your Way To #SocialMedia Fame - #infographic #twitter

Top image from the amazing: Adam Koford
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