Boost Your Creativity & Eradicate Procrastination! Beer Fueled Creativity and Coffee To Get-er-Done!

Are you and your team stuck right now? Do you need to come up with your next extraordinary project idea or just-in-time business solution?  Well, you may want to considering enjoying an ice cold (warm if you're in the UK) beer or 2 to get your creative juices flowing. 

According to some amazing new research drinking beer in moderation may actually increase your creativity levels. It does this by chemically enabling new connections between pre-existing memory nodes in your brain. The result? The formation of brand new insights or perspectives on  your most challenging problems or challenges. 

You may want to wright your great ideas down though, since alcohol has a negative impact on your brains ability to change short term memory for these new ideas into actionable long term memories. 

Alcohol also impairs your ability to focus on tasks. So when you need to "get-er-done" you may want to wait until the next morning after you've had your morning coffee.  

Coffee - When You Need to Get-er-Done:

 According to leading brain researchers, coffee stimulates a burst of heightened
concentration and focus. It's not so much that it creates energy as it is that it tricks the brain into thinking it does. 

Coffee's positive effects start to take place in as little as 5 minutes and peak in about 2 hours. 

Check out this great beer vs coffee infographic but not if your drinking beer:  

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