The Gamification of Employee Wellbeing with BrandGames

How BrandGames is Gamifying, Virtualizing and Awe-inspiring Employee Wellbeing!

I was amazed to see this rare (under-viewed) adhoc video interview with Gamification Jedi and CEO genius Scott Randall of BrandGames, arguably the gamification industry's most lucrative and best kept secret. 

Although the interview is from this time last year, its significance for the employee engagement industry is just as if not more salient, at this very moment as it was when it was first recorded.

In keeping with a virtual "social status title" that I earned not long ago writing a post that went viral for a popular coaching blog that's embracing high-engagement website gamification, - Scott Randal may soon become the "leader of the free world" of active employee engagement!  

Employee wellbeing is one of the most essential factors in building high engagement organizations. Here Scott's talking about the critically important yet equally elusive "human intangible": “workplace well-being.” 

At BrandGames, they're not just gamifiying workplace wellness, their virtualizing and awe-inspiring it too! Can you imagine what they've accomplished since the interview? Here's what Brad had to say: 

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